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Mythbusters: The Game - Official Free Prologue and Date Reveal Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Mythbusters: The Game launches on Steam on June 8, 2022. A free prologue, Mythbusters: The First Experiment, is available now on Steam. Check out the trailer to see gameplay and more.

In Mythbusters: The First Experiment, you will solve puzzles in the Blueprint Zone to work out the mechanics of each myth, collect materials and craft equipment, and bring experiments to life by setting up and testing them.
Elden Ring move aside. GOTY 2022

discovery channel lol GIF


Myth busters? What next pimp my ride?
Is this made for grandpas?
I watched it all as a kid but that was so long ago.


You know what stopped me from playing Car Mechanic Simulator? It looked slow, the ui was cluttered, and it didn't seem too polished.

Same with this.


I loved the second team, and miss Grant Imahara. It hit me hard when he passed.
I would love to give this a shot!
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