Mass Effect trilogy director Casey Hudson has opened a new studio called Humanoid Studios


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Breaking the news on Twitter, Humanoid Studios CEO Hudson said the new independent company was “built to unleash the creative freedom of developers – bringing innovation and artistry to players through an all-new IP”.

The studio’s website includes a few more details about the company, which is currently advertising seven job openings, including senior creative director, gameplay designer and environment artist.

“Founded by Casey Hudson and talented developers from around the world, we combine excellence in the arts with advanced sciences to deliver the future of interactive entertainment,” it says.

“We believe in hiring great people, empowering them with the best tools and a supportive environment, and providing them the creative freedom to do their best work. We are building something special, and we invite you to join us.”


This seems to happen a lot. But where are all the games from these smaller companies started by ex-employees of larger ones? The only one that really seemed to go anywhere was Torchlight.

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