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Leak: Epic's Fortnight may soon released on AMAZON LUNA

Amazon Luna appears to be in talks with Epic Games about adding the massively popular game Fortnite to its library in the near future.

Amazon Luna is a cloud gaming platform that allows players to stream games directly to their devices. With a growing library of games and compatibility with popular controllers, Luna offers an accessible and convenient gaming experience. Its subscription-based model and ease of use make it an attractive option for gamers looking to explore new titles without breaking the bank.

A Luna user on Reddit spotted Fortnite in their library before it was quickly removed (as reported by 9to5google). However, the screenshot shows the latest version of the game with artwork from the Chapter 4, Season One trailer in place. Epic Games, which had not previously been known to be accessible on Amazon Luna, was able to be linked by the user. The game was then advertised as supporting play on accounts with either an Amazon Luna+ subscription or Amazon Prime.

Additionally, supporting this screenshot proof, Twitter user @GMatrixGames found code evidence indicating that Fortnite will be introducing support for Amazon Luna. This grants the leak more credibility than it otherwise would. The release of the game appears to be imminent based on the available information. However, we don’t have any specified release date yet.

Fortnite’s inclusion is a promising move for Amazon Luna, a cloud gaming platform that has been trying to establish itself in the fiercely competitive gaming sector because of its huge rivals. Several users and critics have also criticized the platform’s small selection of games as a significant drawback. But, new discovery of the addition of Fortnite on Amazon Luna has reignited interest in the service.

Nevertheless, the addition of Fortnite to Amazon Luna’s library is a success for the service because it expands its selection with a tremendously popular game and provides potential customers another attraction to subscribe.

Well, it looks like after what for sure seemed like the near end of the Luna service, Amazon has been talking with Epic and according to the leak, managed to "convince" them in some way to bring Fortnite over to Amazon Luna.

Fortnite is a pretty huge game and a big get for the service. It could potentially give the service a boost and attract many players to the service.

Is what I would say and possibly believe, if the game wasn't already on Xbox Xcloud, and both the major and mobile version where not playable on GeForce Now.

But it should still attract some people, especially with Amazons current firepromotions and cheap sub. Not to mention it's often included with Prime packages.

Of course, Luna is going to need more than one game to still avoid the service being all but dead in a few months.

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I didn't even know Luna was a thing that is available. I'm not even sure I know it was ever available.

Anyone here used it?


Gentlemen, we can rebuild it. We have the capability to make the world's first enhanced store. Steam will be that store. Better than it was before.
That's a big get for Luna, but requires Amazon Prime or Luna+ to play. The Xcloud version doesn't require a subscription, just a free Microsoft account.
Luna is clearly the next Stadia, so this is probably a massive waste of time.

Decent point, Google and Ubisoft iirc had a 5 or 6 game deal signed up not long before they announced they were pulling the plug.

This could be to see if the news gets people excited to sub and drive engagement, if not maybe Amazon will pull the plug before the deal happens too.


I didn't even know Luna was a thing that is available. I'm not even sure I know it was ever available.

Anyone here used it?

I used Luna for a while.

+ Near-perfect performance in my experience
+ Subscription model
+ The controller is really solid, but not required. It connects through wifi to reduce input lag.
+ Affordability

- Game library was lacking, but was improving over time. Not sure if it's got any better since I unsubscribed.
- No 4K/HDR options
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There's a lot to say about Fortnite as a game, but in many ways it's the future of gaming tech that I want to see. It was one of the first games with seamless, input-based crossplay over all platforms - be that PC, last-gen or current-gen consoles or even mobile. All platforms pretty much support all inputs too, so you can play KB+M on console or gamepad on mobile. It has complete cross-buy and shared accounts, so all your progress, stats, etc. stay with you no matter which platform you go on. Soon this will be the 2nd or 3rd cloud option for this game, for people who have good Internet but can't be arsed to own a meaty hardware. Not that you need a particularly meaty one, considering how scalable and optimized the game is.

I hope most multiplayer games eventually transition to this sort of platform-agnostic and connected approach. Tired of buying niche games only to find their already limited playerbase is segmented between platforms, or owning a game somewhere via an EGS freebie, Steam giveaway or whatever but having to rebuy it and restart it from scratch if I want to play it on another platform. Bit of a tangent I realize, but I hope Fortnite keeps leading the way in pushing forward more ways to play. Cloud gaming really isn't my cup of tea at the moment, especially considering I have several capable devices for gaming, but in a not so far future where fast and reliable Internet can be accessed in every commute or travel I can see it taking on.
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