Infinix releases affordable game phone: 'HOT 20S'. $140 Helio G96 "premium gaming processor", 13GB RAM, FullHD+ Hypervision "gaming pro display",120Hz

That’s because Infinix is dropping the brand-new HOT 20S on November 27, which lets you own the competition as a top game assassin–all at an affordable price.

Now, you don’t even have to spend more than P9,000 to enjoy #MoreSmoothGameplay on the HOT 20S. The phone packs a Helio G96 Premium Gaming Processor and up to 13 GB of RAM, which powers all your favorite games and allows it to perfectly handle the toughest and latest titles. You can have a wide selection of games to download and stomp other players in thanks to its 128GB ROM storage.

You’ll also never miss a single detail in the action thanks to the HOT 20S’s 120Hz 6.78-inch Full HD+ HyperVision Gaming Pro display, which gives you bright and vivid high-resolution visuals no matter what you’re running. Your sessions can also go for as long as you want thanks to its 5000mAh Power Monster battery that fills up quickly with its 18W Power Charge.

The whole gaming experience is rounded out by the HOT 20S’s Bionic Breathing Cooling System, which keeps the phone humming and going through great heat and pressure. Meanwhile, the All-Around Gaming Network Enhancement Turbo increases its performance during playtime even further.

For those who still want to upload great-looking content on their social media accounts, the HOT 20S also packs a solid 50MP Super Nightscape Triple Camera setup, which lets you take stunning photos and videos, especially in low-light settings.

The phone will eventually become available (online) in other countries to order. The price converts to about $140 USD. That's a pretty good price for a phone, however, the internal specs are lacking quite a big despite the high amount of RAM. it's more than enough for most games because 99% of Android games seem to max out before you get to the specs the higher-grade gaming phones have. However, a Mediatek Helio G96 and the FULL HD+ (cheap) Ips display won't wow you.

However, being as cheap as it is. It may have a larger market than the other gaming phones which coast $600 to $1400, including Sony's recent Xperia 1 IV Gaming Edition device, or the Rog Phone 6 Diablo Edition. Not only is it cheaper but it's going to max out most games on the android store with the only weakness being the sound and display. The higher-end gaming phones outside of some allowing you to connect to TV's or monitors really have very limited support for apps that make use of their specs.

Their marketing method is also interesting to say the least, with how they are advertising the phone.
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No one going to mention how the ram is 8GB + 5GB"extended ram"? That means it's just an 8GB phone trying to exaggerate the RAM available.


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What’s the catch for it being so cheap?
Its a midrange phone with midrange specs at a midrange price and a screen the processor will never utilize.
The G96 will barely hit 60fps, in popular titles it has trouble hitting 30fps, so having a 120hz screen does nothing for the gaming experience.
Ohh and its probably using cheap materials and comes with spam in the OS.
That spam subsidizes the price of the phone.

My aunt was tricked into buying one of these budget phones, they are chock full of spam apps to the point I advised her just to flash a clean version of Android onto the phone.
She would have constant notifications even if she turned the apps off in the OS, they would magically be back on sending her random shit.


That chipset is pure trash, on the level of a Snapdragon 480, their lowest entry series.

Plays Genshin Impact on Low at a very comfortable 20fps.

8GB RAM is nice at least I guess.
That chipset is pure trash, on the level of a Snapdragon 480, their lowest entry series.

Plays Genshin Impact on Low at a very comfortable 20fps.

8GB RAM is nice at least I guess.

I find it funny Mediateck used the letter "G" so that they can market the chips as "gaming processors" I did hear their higher-end chips have gotten better though but I haven't seen it in a phone yet.


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I wanna see benchmarks... average FPS + 1% lows in Fortnite, Apex, CoD and PUBG

because I kinda doubt a phone this cheap could even remotely handle those good enough to be called a gaming phone.

because remember, phone manufacturers do not have the benefit of making money off of you after they sell you the hardware, meaning they need to make enough money purely from hardware sales to keep afloat. which is why the Steam Deck can be as cheap as it is compared to other Handheld PCs, because Valve will get you to buy Steam games, while other similarly powerful handhelds cost more than twice as much usually
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This Mediatek Helio G96 seems to be the same chip as the more popular Dimensity 700 found in the low-end Samsung Galaxy A22 5G and A13 5G. It has about the same CPU and GPU performance as a Snapdragon 480 or 750G and it's obviously a far cry from what one would call "premium gaming processor".

The $140 price doesn't sound that bad.. until we look at Samsung offering their A13 5G for $160, or for $20 more we can get the Galaxy A22 5G with a 90Hz AMOLED screen. Samsung devices will get at least 2 years worth of Android OS updates and around 4 years with security patches, whereas this thing is probably getting zero updates for the rest of its life. All of these are probably getting pretty shitty camera sensors, but at least Samsung has great photography algorithms.

None of them has more than 4GB of RAM, but that's way more than any of these phones will ever be able to use.

Funny thing about Mediatek is how they're not exactly honest with their SoC names. See that Realme 8 up there with 54 FPS? It uses a Mediatek G95 which has a much larger GPU.
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I find it funny Mediateck used the letter "G" so that they can market the chips as "gaming processors" I did hear their higher-end chips have gotten better though but I haven't seen it in a phone yet.
I wonder why they still use the Mali graphics chips in their higher end SoC's when Powervr cores are redily avaliable?


phone’s SoC is still stuck on 12nm. Slower than the Snapdragon 700 series and most likely worse battery life.
The point about the higher-spec'd phones your reference in the OP isn't that they're designed to be fully maximized by a singular app running on them; they have those specs to facilitate better multi-app task switching and having multiple apps running in the background. That's why they have those high-performance (for a smartphone) specs.

That, and having a higher performance ceiling before throttling kicks in compared to the lower-power phones, because the higher-end ones tend to have better cooling built into them. And that doesn't even touch on the additional hardware features and benefits of the higher-end phones for stuff like videos, camera, better Wifi built-in support etc.
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