Here is what I have. Please recommend me some conversation/dialogue heavy JRPGS on PlayStation 4


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Actually I realized that he has Legend of Heroes 1-4, which means the Trails of Cold Steel 1-4. Sorry OP!

Technically Legend of Heroes 1-4 would be

Dragon Slayer - Legend of Hero 1
Dragon Slayer - Legend of Hero 2
Legend of Heroes 3 - Prophecy of the Moonlight Witch (In U.S. it's called II for some reason
Legend of Heroes 4 - A Tear of Vermillion

Some divide the series as

1st part - Dragon Slayer days (1 & 2)
2nd part - Garghav Trilogy (Moonlight Witch / Tear of Vermillion/ Song of the Ocean
3rd part - Trail series (ongoing)

Dragon Slayer... I miss that series from Falcom. Some of my favorite games are in there - Xanadu, Faxanadu (Romancia), Drasley Family...
Kinda funny that now Dragon Slayer series is dead, but the Legend of Hero, a part of the series is living on.

I do recommend Garghav Trilogy on PSP.

Also any Ys series on PS4. Ys 8 - Lacrimosa of Dana is a must play.

Ys 9 - Monstrum Nox is very good, but story felt not as engaging as 8, but has nice gameplay that's evolved from 8. I do recommend playing on PS5 though.
Ys 4 - Memories of Celceta is also very good, but it's a VITA port - so do be mindful of older gfx. I didn't play this on PS4/5 - but have on my VITA. (One of the reason I bought VITA for sure)
Ys Origin is also on PS4. It's little detached as it's the backstory of original Ys I & II, and the game is basically 2d sprites on 3d bg as the game's from 2006, but did hear the game is good. (I have it on my backlog to play.)

Ys series being Action RPG - they aren't as text heavy as some of others, but they are self-contained episodes, so easier to digest.
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