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Grimbeard - Breakdown (XBOX) - Review


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Breakdown (ブレイクダウン, Bureikudaun) is a first-person action game produced in 2003 and released by Namco in 2004 for the Microsoft Xbox console. The game was praised for its use of the first-person perspective for storytelling. In 2018, Microsoft announced it would be available via backwards compatibility on the Xbox One via the physical disc and a digital download on the Xbox Live Store.

Although Breakdown is a first-person action game, it integrates elements of a fighting game and uses auto-lock for shooting enemies. The viewpoint is always the player's, and interaction with objects is realistic: ammunition is picked up by looking down and grabbing it (instead of walking over it), doors are opened by grabbing the handle, key cards are used by swiping them over a scanner and ladders climbed by using one's arms. Health and energy are replenished by consuming energy bars, hamburgers, and sodas.

00:00 - Intro
01:55 - History
07:20 - Story
19:10 - Spoiler Break
20:53 - Spoilers
58:03 - End of Spoilers
01:00:17 - Gameplay
01:12:30 - Sight/Sound
01:22:51 - Conclusion
01:28:48 - Credits
01:34:50 - End


Playing Breakdown was a trip. Because of the way the character interacted with the environment, it felt more first person than most first person games. It almost felt like a VR game in a way.
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Loved the game and the trailer was hype AF

Combat was kinda clunky as shit tho:lollipop_grinning_sweat:
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I thought this was going to be a breakdown of Grimbeard and I was thinking that's a stupid name for a game. I played Breakdown, it was awesome.
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