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Gaming moments that you remember to this day.

I was listening to the Skyrim Soundtrack today and “past to present” came on and i got an instant flash back to the first moments in Skyrim where you are out of Helgan. I just loved that feeling in that game.

It started me thinking about other “moments” in games: first time I saw a fatality in mortal kombat; beating turtles in time in the arcade; getting my NES for Christmas one year; etc

Anyone else have some good ones they remember to this day?


Leading up to the launch of the Original Xbox, Microsoft had a huge display of gaming and such at Citywalk outside of Universal Studios Hollywood.
After playing some games, my group went into the park to see a free concert by Saliva in the old Conan the Barbarian live show theater inside the park. The rest of the park wasn’t included unless you bought a ticket. We arrived late and in the middle of an acoustic version of “Your Disease.” The singer was on a barstool directly in front of stairs separating the seat aisles, and you enter from the bottom. As he finished the song, “Cause your disease is in meeeeeeeee…… Thank you, thank you,” my group all got up, walked down the stairs with a look of disgust, all made eye contact with the singer and walked out.
Noticing nobody was there to keep us from going into the rest of the park, we decided to go on Back to the Future The Ride. That was the last one I went on that ride and I have the Xbox to thank for it.
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THE Prey 2 fanatic
Every Bethesda game has a real awesome moment where you exit the introduction and enter the vast open world, free to go in any direction (but probably drawn to the first interesting thing the devs placed for you to visit).
Prey is like a five-hour sequence of unforgettable moments. Sick.
I remember reaching a boss called Big Sister 1/3 in The Surge and beating it in like a minute flat, then later reading that it was supposedly the hardest boss in the game. Felt nice. Plenty other bosses had felt difficult, but I suppose my playstyle was perfectly suited for dominating that one.

There was a particularly tricky orc in Shadow of War that I kept trying to dominate, and that kept killing me. He had no weaknesses, and was immune to practically everything, except domination. Eventually, when he had killed me again, one of my orcs rescued me and killed him. This was very upsetting. I wanted another go at catching this orc. He would have been the perfect champion for my fortress, to defeat other invading players.


I am not sure this counts (because it is also the reason I did not continue playing), also not sure how to explain how I felt, but anyway, when I first played Shadow of Colossus and got to the part where you have to take down the first Colossus, I could not do it. I felt like I was being the aggressor in that scenario and I didn't want to attack this giant who is not threatening me. My friend had no issue doing it so I let him play while I watched.
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End of Disc 2, Opening of Disc 3 (FFIX)
Abysswalker Artorias (Dark Souls)
Ending Sequence (Bioshock Infinite)
Portal/Portal 2 (the entirety of each game)
The Opera Scene (FFVI)
The Maw (Halo: CE)
First half of campaign (Uncharted 2)
Every goddamn boss' death (Shadow of the Colossus)
Making Contact (Bloodborne)
Seven Seconds Until The End (FFVII: Remake)
Hyperion Boss (Returnal)
Beginning, Ending of Winter, Ending of Game, Left Behind DLC (The Last Of Us)
"HAHAHAHAHAHAHA" (Final Fantasy X)
So many. I'll just mention a few.

The beach scene in ICO.
Exiting the sewers in Oblivion and the god-tier ost.
Taking your throne in the original God of War.
The lab in the original Resident Evil.
St. Francis' Folly in the original Tomb Raider along with the entire musical score.
Playing Demons Souls at release (PS3 original) and realizing it was the greatest game I had ever played. (Special moment - realizing you're fighting another human in the Old Monk boss.)
Realizing the depth of strategy in the brilliant overall package of SMT Nocturne.
This piece and the whole game.
The opening of Metal Gear Solid.
Sanctuary Fortress in Metroid Prime 2.
Virtua Fighter 4 & 5 just really comprehending how flexible and deep the rabbit hole goes.
This and the entire original trilogy.
Getting so lost in Out of the Park Baseball that I realized I'd play that exclusively if I didn't force myself to stop.
The impetuous style of God Hand.

I haven't even touched on so many of the greatest games I've ever played. Such an incredible art-form and hobby imho.
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The first time you enter into the world map on Ar Tonelico II and see "The Tower" and the overworld theme hits you.

so many memories of the entire game come flooding back whenever I hear this, still to this day I think back on this title with extreme fondness, while GUST have made a small name for themselves these days in the west with there alchemist series I still dont think they have made a better game than Ar Tonelico II, certainty not in terms of a grand adventure.
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Begging my mother in the early 2000’s to buy me Majoras Mask for £50 which was a big ask back then.

10-ish year old me was very excited until I got home and found out I also needed an expansion pack to play it. My hopes and dreams were shattered.

That little gold cartridge still haunts me to this day. RIP MM, I hardly knew ye.
Buying new graphics controllers and installing them back when PCs were monochrome through to CGA, EGA, VGA, XGA etc.

Light guns in the 80s with the family, then duck hunt.

Donkey Kong game and watch in the back of the car on long ass road trips...and swapping out batteries to be able to keep playing.

Best mate from down the street and we both had a NES, going at Ice Hockey and SMB after school. Zelda solo and making hand drawn maps.

Highschool sleepover for a bunch of boys back in the SNES days and a newly released Street Fighter II pulling an all nighter with winner stays on. I still remember my mate Ryan and I were just going through all the characters seeing who was better at each and then the sun rise hitting our eyes through the window. SFII in the arcade holds an equal crown as my favourite gaming moment.

Building my high school's 2 computer rooms worth of PCs and networking on coax while configuring games for kids to play at lunch or when their work was done in class. Also having a backdoor with all sorts of access, my teacher knew and was cool with me.

LAN party weekends with my stupidly large CAD grade monitor back in the 90s. Lugging that around was worth it though. All back on coax days too. People would sleep at their desk, know no one there but still scratch and claw to get a place to BYOD and play.

4 player coop N64 with my flatmates and friends of that era, a couple of us worked in a PC/gaming store back then and had access to any PC or Nintendo game. Often nights before retail release too. Mario Kart, Mario Party, Diddy Kong Racing were just on fun fun fun and competitive competitive. Guys and girls all wanted in on the action. Fucking awesome splitscreen couch action.

Holding out for my first Halo 3 ranked 50 as I wanted it in objective first. I had teetered between 49 and 48 for a long time. It finally ticked over and I recall that sense of achievement today still. The other 50s fell later in the following days rapidly.

Halo/gaming LAN parties at my place annually, COVID has slowed that but we'll return this year. The first Halo buddies IRL meeting of that original 7 of us who only knew each other online in Halo was something else, we've expanded and shrunk over the years. Shooting each of them at paintball as we mix that in for our LAN weekend. Now I think of it, getting a "Halo assassination" on Curse during paintball in an open field with me in the one bush surrounded by an advancing enemy team he was on.

MS force feedback wheel and F1 racing on PC back in the day. That wheel was freaking awesome and had real fight to it.

The look on my son's face and half a dozen of his mates sleeping over for them to challenge me to 1v1s in Apex (firing range setups) and just falling to me one after one. The repeat performance and full blast mode in any Halo of their choosing and 1v2s to just hand them their asses still. A couple of his mates are better than me now at Apex but none better at Halo. Still a crowning gaming dad moment I'll cherish.

That Halo 2 cliff-hanger, motherfucker.

Destiny Vault of Glass, amazing to experience with a solid crew going in blind for days/weeks to work through RAIDs. Hats off to Bungie.

My Nana at 95 years old playing Wii bowling and getting 3 strikes in a row on her first go around. She stopped playing and her quote to the family was "I have achieved it all, I have nothing else to prove". What a lady. Schooling us in gaming at 95.

My son taking out a $200 headset prize in a Fortnite tournament after making 3 runs at it over a weekend event with 20,000+ attendees there for various games.

Playing It Takes Two with my wife and daughter, rotating our trio through a 2 player coop game was hella fun. Family CTR racing is a blast. Rayman Legends as a family is truly amazing.

The Nintendo minis, those little machines brought back my childhood to reexperience through my kids. Those games just hold up with kids today even against current gen stuff. Nintendo hold a very special place in gaming.
  • Pretty much every time you go to a new zone in Elden Ring and look out into the horizon
  • Elden Ring's Ranni Questline - The whole thing was a masterclass including the Siofra Well prologue
  • God of War (2018) - Getting the chain blades
  • Witcher 3 - When you started teleporting to different worlds
  • The Last of Us - The first hour and last hour of the game were perfect
  • Bioshock Infinite - Intro sequence when you fly up to the city

Ev1L AuRoN

There are a lot of moments, but I think this one is special, my uncle just came back from japan after living there for 3 years, bringing a Sega Saturn and a Playstation and a ton of games and accessories. It was my first contact with Playstation. Up until that point my reference was my SNES (I live in Brazil), seeing and CD based console with 3D polygons was mind-blowing. After some time PSX became very common in my country, but at that time that thing looks like alien technology to me.

Such an Epic moment.



Reseterror Resettler
Figuring out Super NES emulation.

Realizing that Ocarina of Time was the fifth Zelda game and there were four more adventures to go on.

Forest Temple in OOT first time.

Kalm flashback in FFVII. First time seeing Sephiroth, was instantly hooked on the story from there.

Resident Evil 4, village battle.

Mass Effect 2, going to Afterlife for the first time.


I sniped a choper pilot on battlefield bad company 2 and got a multikill on ps3, my friend was also there and saw me do it. Didn't even know it was possible to do.
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- Gears of War 1: First Beserker encounter

- TLOU: Winter

- Uncharted 2: Train mission

- TLOU 2: Sarah Connor Ellie in the desert

- Bioshock: Plane crash. Intro. Going into Rapture for the first time

- God of War 2018: Getting the chains of Olympus

- Need For Speed Underground: Competing against my cousins in the Drag racing mode

- Grand Theft Auto III: Being blown away by the first open world game

- Sifu: FINALLY beating fucking SEAN after literally over 100+ tries

- Ninja Gaiden 2: The 10fps Staircase. iykyk
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When you ascend to Anor Londo for the first time from Sens Fortress was pretty special, after slogging through Sens and all the dark underground tunnel type stuff it really was magnificent.

First time my team actually cooperated in Overwatch.
My childhood...my mother was a gamer and literally used these two games to improve my reading when I was in the 1st grade...she wouldn't move an inch until I read what was on screen to her. To this day they're my fave games of all time

Another great gaming moment for me was using the school computers to play emulated SNES games.....not realizing I'd built a pretty sizeable collection of ROM's on the schools shared server/file system...Got a weeks worth of detention and threatened with suspension(I was an A Student, no serious discipline lol) after one of the younger teachers was caught playing during class and he showed where they were on the server....Guess I shouldn't have named the Folder "Kevin *******'s SNES stuff".....ZSNES got me through :messenger_tears_of_joy:




monkey island intro with 8 bit sound
golden axe 2 initial sequence
doom with sound blaster 16
mortal kombat
mario 64 graphics
metal gear ps1 stealth
gta 1 freedom
colorados fh 1
alone in the dark covering window and hole in the floor


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OP are you me? This type of thread is the thread is the kind of thread I usually make XD

On topic:

Ico: Battle against clones. Theme song heard in game was a pure revelation

Custom Robo Gamecube: learning about the Japanese exclusive trailer

Sonic 3 and Knuckles: Sky Sanctuary to Death Egg level transition

Resident Evil 4: the areas right before Salazar's fight were the perfect lead up to his fight

RE2: Intro cinematics set the mood for the early game's universe flawlessly

RE REmake: more than any game in this series, the atmosphere is a character itself.

Devil May Cry: the moment the gameplay clicked with me was a major leap in me for appreciating combat systems in games and rewards curiousity in experimenting with it and other game's mechanics


We were in our thirties and my brother was not too big of a gamer. We hadn't seen each other in a few years and I recently moved close to him. Duringbthis time in our lives we started to finally feel a bit of monetary freedom. No longer jusr surviving but able to invest in sone of the better things in life. He'd pop over for a beer or two and we started playing Gears of War. It was gaming in high Def on widescreen/lcd big screen TV. The graphics were mind blowing to us. The gore was fantastic. The theme was mature. We got right into it. I remember this one night hurtling down the tracks in a train shooting Locusts rushing us on all sides, he was behind me covering my ass and sawing dudes in half as the came up behind me. We were having a blast! Then, he paused the game and put down his controller and I'm like 'dude wtf?' He looked at the ground and kinda rubbed his head and said 'this is one of the coolest things I've ever experienced'. We couldn't stop laughing. I mean the volume was cranked and we were just so involved in ALL if it. It was gaming on a new level nothing like we'd ever experienced. I mean we grew up on Atari and pitfall, super mario and the Sega master system. To us it was beyond anything we'd ever experienced in gaming.

Gears of War remains to me one of the greatest games ever made.

The next game we played after that was equally awesome.... Rainbow Six Vegas. Fucking awesome!

Two back to back co-op shooters. We loved every minute of it.

On a side note it's too bad rb6 took such a weird turn. Tactical squad based gameplay. Simple story. Hit the wall, toss in a nade, clear the room and move on. Where are these games these days? Why are they so hard to make? Too bad.
The ps3 launch. Was a good ride. It was my first contact with online gaming community. And I think gaf? But in the days I couldn't make an account here. I only got a working email like 10 years later. Didn't knew much of English, and actually translated word by word to understand the posts here.


What always sticks to me are the good ol' days when I still had my PS3. It was my second console, I got it after the PSP. There's 3 games that come to mind; Skyrim, Battlefield 3 and GTAV.
Back then I had a lot more free time, and so did my friends. So I'd have many moments on GTAV and those "Only in Battlefield" moments in BF3 where we'd enjoy and relive them back at school. Good times!
Besides that Skyrim was very new to me, and did not know anything about the world. So discovering the entire game was so amazing, the atmosphere simply the best and I found everything myself instead of looking on the internet or anything.
Simpler times basically.

Edit: Also an addition, GTA V didn't have any flying cars/bikes back then, and many vehicles/clothes/weapons were priced somewhat reasonable back then, especially compared to now.
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The goat for me has to be leaving the sewer the first time in Oblivion and seeing the scope of the world. It was incredible.
MGS2 launch fo sure. I mean, the whole deal. The hype leading up to it, the adventure I went through to get it on day 1, the first moment I saw those gfx on my TV and then the game itself.

I don't think you can have an experiance like this any more these days. It was really something. Glad I was there.


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The first thing that came to mind was my first time playing GTA3.
I was walking home from school with a friend and I found out he had GTA3, he invited me to come play it and I remember driving about and be able to run over lamp posts, fire hydrants, people etc was like nothing I ever experienced in a videogame, somthing just clicked in my brain, it was truly a revolutionary moment on gaming for me.


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Transition in Fallout intro between normal life and grim reality of this game
Cake is a lie scene in Portal 2
Metroid saves Samus from Motherbrain


i know this is more recent but it made everything else pale in comparison-
there are 3 scenes in HL.Alyx that had my jaw on the floor, never felt anything like it in gaming - horripilation overload


Largo Legrand picking Guybrush up by his feet and shaking him over the bridge, so his money fell out in the great Monkey Island 2 , and then placing dirty swamp water in a bucket over his door !! gret memories. i need to play that game again soon.

Also Saravok in Baldur's gate killing your foster father Gorain at the start always sticks with me, and The start of Ultima 7 when a person as been dismembered in the shape of a pentagram.
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