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Game Pass Ultimate $1 Upgrade Process! (EA Play & Bethesda games coming soon)


Feb 25, 2013
Behind you !
While it's not a bad deal with the 1 bucks conversion trick , you're still paying 180+ bucks for the Three Years of Live subscription... Granted 60 bucks a year is an okay deal and you'll probably at least download a couple of games each year from the service, I assume only a fraction of gamers will know of said promotion and use it, with the bulk of Xbox users ending up paying 15 bucks a month for the service..

Again main problem I have for now with the whole thing is there's hardly anything on Gamepass currently I don't either already own or don't really care about. To me it's very similar to PS+, where i get free games every months for the last few years, yet i've only bothered to install and play a couple of these...


Nov 24, 2018
I did this not long ago... bought 2x 12+2 month gold passes from the Brazilian store. Costed me about ~$70 AUD. Which gave me 28 months of gold, upgraded to ultimate for $1. I now have an ultimate subscription til 2023. Pretty happy with the result for the cost. It's already paid off with some older games I didn't get around to playing. Hopefully at least 1-2 first-party games come out by 2023 hahaha
At least, once my Series X is here, i'll have a nice bunch of digital games to play. And can also play them from the other room on my One X too.


Jan 6, 2019
At $5 a month now it's very low risk. There's bound to be new releases worth $180 over the next three years even when taking taste into consideration, and if you're on console you're going to sub to Gold anyway.

Although on PC I guess you could save even more if you just sub for a month whenever a new releases you're interested in comes out
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Jun 17, 2004
I think I will do this. I do have Xbox account from long time ago (early days of 360) - and still active & linked to my MS account. (I had done Xbox Live long time ago during early 360 days)

If I do it on October 9th, and activate on November 10th when I (hopefully) receive the machine - I would get full 36 month. Hope the deal still stays till then...


Aug 9, 2013
While I think the idea behind Gamepass and PS Now is excellent, when I had PS Now for a month, there were 2-3 games I wanted to play and I did after which it was useless to me and I cancelled it. I don't want to play games which don't interest me just because they are "free".

Paying for months for nothing and waiting for some 1st day exlusive to get released on the service is not for me. By not paying for a service I have no use for I would have saved the money for that game.

If there are multiple must-play games releasing close to each other, then it is definitely worth it.


Feb 11, 2019
Limerick, Ireland
Looking at websites it seems like that phenomenal Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (GPU) upgrade for $1 is still on. For you gamers on the fence, never did it, or are thinking about doing it, it's an awesome deal. Funny thing is when it was announced last summer, people thought it was a glitch. It's no glitch. MS meant to do this the whole time.

- Tons of games
- First party Microsoft games
- EA Access (EA Play) games coming soon
- MS just bought Bethesda, so these games will come soon too
- It also works with Home Sharing, so just one of you two have to do it
- GPU also includes PC Game Pass
- GPU also includes xcloud streaming
- If there's a game you want to buy since it came off GP, it'll be on discount (I think 20% off?)

Here's the process. I'm going to assume it's still on, but every once in a while you hear people say it doesn't, so don't blame me. Maybe MS sets it regional? Also, if you;ve already done a GP sub before, MS doesn't allow you to double dip on this deal. It seems to be a first time GP subber deal only.

- The $1 + tax upgrade is literally $1. Not $1/month
- You can apply this to a max of 3 years of Gold membership
- To max out the deal, have your Gold membership active for the next 3 years and apply
- Make sure to buy the Gold membership and apply that first, then buy and activate the $1 deal
- DO NOT activate the $1 GPU deal and then add Gold to it. MS won't let you retroactively have the GPU deal apply to new Gold sub extensions

For example, here's what I did last year.

- Summer 2019
- Had 2 months left on my Gold membership
- Bought 3 more years and applied, so my Gold membership goes to summer 2022 (I think July 2022)
- Activate the $1 deal
- Get charged $1 + tax ($1.13 total)
- Profile membership now says I'm a GPU subber till summer 2022
- I do Home Sharing with a buddy, so I was the one who did all the legwork, where he tagged along. We'll split costs another time as we buy games not on GP
- When it gets closer to ending in 2022, I'll decide whether to keep it going at regular price or cancel
Can you explain how the home sharing thing works with gamepass. I live with a guy and we both have gamepass accounts?

You only need one? Does this include pc as well?


Aug 17, 2008
My GPU ends this month after upgrading my gold last year for $1.

Will I be able to do it again and convert for $1 when the sub ends? I want to max it out to 3 years this time


Aug 21, 2019
So pay £151 for 3 years of game pass.

But I'll probably end up playing 3 games max on the service.

Game pass is a great idea but all the games on it right now aren't very appealing.
Oct 26, 2018
Can you explain how the home sharing thing works with gamepass. I live with a guy and we both have gamepass accounts?

You only need one? Does this include pc as well?
If you do home sharing with someone, all games and sub plans are included. Only do this if you trust the other person.

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Nov 12, 2009
Ultimate gets you access to PC Game Pass, no? If you want a 3-year commitment it would still be the cheapest route to accomplish that. You'd just need to have an account that hasn't had Game Pass or sign up for a new one.
Yeah there is also just PC which is $10 dollars. I mean... I can just do the $1 deal over again since their system is broken and easily exploitable but if I can just somehow pay for 36 months right now. I would rather do that.


Aug 7, 2011
The Netherlands
Recently did this again. Let Ultimate run out, bought Gold and upgraded that to Ultimate by buying 1 month of GamePass. Couldn't benefit from the €1 deal anymore, but it's still an amazing deal.
Oct 26, 2018
Recently did this again. Let Ultimate run out, bought Gold and upgraded that to Ultimate by buying 1 month of GamePass. Couldn't benefit from the €1 deal anymore, but it's still an amazing deal.
I heard this too.

So when the $1 deal lapse, you can do it again at a month rate.

So you can do 3 years again of GPU for 3 months of GPU cost? Or just 1 year?
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Apr 7, 2006
$1 is a huge gamble when it might take 3 years before we see the next big Bethesda game. I don’t have that kind of cash to burn.
You jest, but I want to know how that $1 will help fund quality next gen exclusive Bethesda games.......That $1 is not going to keep the gamepass service up that the fans love so much.....It's counter productive to that as a matter of fact....