Epic Unlisting Older Unreal Games


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I just now heard about this and wanted to share with everyone else: Epic is delisting most of the old Unreal games from the various store fronts. I first heard about it on this week's Digital Foundry Direct:

and here's an article about it as well: https://www.pcgamer.com/epic-is-del...eal-game-but-making-unreal-tournament-3-free/

If you go search on Steam right now for Unreal Tournament 2004 for example, it's no longer there. I'm kinda wishing I had bought it now as it never went on sale so I held off, but now it's gone without so much as a heads up.

It's very disappointing to see these games gone from a historical perspective and it's sad to see companies delisting older games, like when Rockstar removed GTA Vice City from Steam or when Sega removed Sonic 1-3 and CD from Steam.

Interestingly, Unreal Tournament 3 Black edition has been renamed Unreal Tournament 3X and will be a f2p title with crossplay between Steam, EGS, and GOG: store.steampowered.com/app/13210/Unreal_Tournament_3_X
It's currently unavailable and the release date is currently just "soon".
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Yeah, John hinted that there may be some rerelease or remaster collection in the works, which is why they are dropping them. Sounds like he might know something but isn't at liberty to say, but that's wild speculation.

I would like to see some Unreal 5.X based "tournament collection" or something that has faithful remakes but new graphics with lumen and nanite options. They could do something special there if they wanted to. Here's hoping!


They're not on GoG either. Fuck. I never bothered to buy UT 2004 or Unreal Gold there and now I never will.

What a boneheaded move, why would they delist 20+ year old games that didn't even require any server upkeep anyway?


Nothing burger. The games being delisted are those using an online service that Epic will no longer support. At least the games will still work with private servers unlike most games which are dead once the central infrastructure goes down.


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Well that's dumb. Glad I got the the Unreal pack a while back. UT2k4 holds a special place in my heart forever. I remember playing some of UT3 on the PS3 with a keyboard and mouse. It didn't make me like the game much more, as I don't think it holds a candle to UT2k4.

Hoping that there's a remake or something in the works. They must live!


GoG did give a heads up about a week ago and I picked up the games there. Real damn shame seeing this shit.

This and when a "directors cut" or "remastered" version gets released and the original is delisted. Would be nice if all versions can be up at the same time if possible.


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What's most insane is there's no modern UT.

They were making a f2p one but canned it because of fucking fortnite.


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TBH i'm not that saddened by it, i was goint into UT2004 expecting a fun arena shooter experience but there really isn't any of that in the actual game thanks to being dead online wise
i wish the game got more players on custom server though, that would be great
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