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Embracer sees ‘great potential’ in Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal sequels, remakes and remasters (VGC)

I don't understand the logic of buying studios making unprofitable games and then putting money into sequels of the same thing. Is their strategy to make cheaper sequels? Is their strategy to just somehow magically sell many more copies than when SQEX published it?

They just seem to have zero concern for financial risk on projects, and that's on top of all their acquisitions. Nothing about it really makes sense. Are they going to make games in the same IP, but with a new approach that is somehow better?
Gamepass could be an option right? We know Microsoft pay good money for Day 1 releases, that would certainly help offset development costs.


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I would like the first 3 remastered as well, but the legends trilogy would be great to remaster too due to all the bugs in those games thanks to Nixxes.
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Nixxes has always been praised for improving on Crystal Dynamics work with their ports.
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More Thief and Deus Ex would be amazing.


I wouldn’t mind them trying at an Anachronox remake of sequel too. Eidos Montreal was working on a « western made » Final Fantasy before the new SE CEO got elected and then cancelled the whole thing… while they were in development hell with FFversus XIII.

It would be good fun for them to have a go at showing SE they can make something better than them under a new franchise.


The legend trilogy is playable on series x. I’d rather a remake/remaster of the originals.
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Hype Train conductor. Works harder than it steams.
This is why they went from the Legend trilogy. Because it wasnt selling. It went down with each game.

To be fair Tomb Raider Anniversary release after the PS3 launched and was only available on PS2
They also didn't release the 360 version of Legend on PS3 either.
It wasn't until Nixxes ported Underworld that PS3 had its first Tomb Raider and it showed in sales with only 34% being on 360
Despite that CD announced 2 expansions Lara's Shadow & Beneath the Ashes that was exclusive and remains exclusive to Xbox as to this day
Which wasn't even included with the HD Trilogy either
So only Xbox 360 had the whole Trilogy until the HD Trilogy was released on PS3 years later which sold very well. despite TRL HD not even being the 360 Nextgen version and was just the PS2 version in HD
And Underworld still missing the 2 expansions.
But nothing has changed Crystal DynamiXs still snubs the fanbase now, Nixxes handled both Tomb Raider 2013 + Definitive Edition, and Rise of the Tomb Raider after the exclusivity ended.
another wise choice by Crystal DynamiXs
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