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News Business Cringe DOOM ETERNAL WAS CRACKED DAY ONE ---- [accidental mistake by Bethesda, lol] ------- [I want to be DRM freeeeeeeeeeee]

Elektro Demon

Shits and Giggles
Nov 9, 2019

Players discovered a DRM-free executable for Doom hidden in the Bethesda Launcher version's files.
On Steam and Bethesda's own launcher, Doom Eternal launched with Denuvo DRM built-in to discourage piracy. Unfortunately for Bethesda, Doom Eternal had a DRM-free .exe left amongst the files of the version released on its in-house launcher. A poster on Reddit discovered the file sitting in a folder titled "original," writing "Um guys - I think I "cracked" Doom Eternal? [Serious]."

As cracks go, this one is about as simple as possible. "Open the main game folder and you'll notice the 369 MB denuvo DOOMEternalx64vk.exe," BarryGettman wrote on Reddit. "However, under ..\Doom Eternal\original you'll find a smaller 67 MB .exe with the same name. Copy this .exe to the main folder and overwrite the denuvo .exe."

Other users confirmed it working, and a forum thread on Resetera has a screenshot of the folder with the smaller executable. Bethesda has since updated the Bethesda.net version of the game to remove the DRM-free .exe, but it's too late: the unprotected .exe has already made its way into the piracy circuit. Though it's not just for pirates—some players worry Denuvo's anti-piracy code slows down the performance of games they paid for.

This actually isn't the first time this has happened to a game on the Bethesda launcher—Rage 2 also launched with a DRM-free .exe last year. Some people even guessed that this incident was an easter egg on Bethesda's part, a way to troll pirates by uploading an executable that only functions properly for the first few missions of the game. Some players have experienced crashes on the third level with the clean .exe, but that appears to be an unrelated driver issue.

Since Doom has that 1000fps thing going on, I think an interesting experiment would be to see how much performance is taken away with drm and without drm.

The Janitor

Jun 29, 2011
Since Doom has that 1000fps thing going on, I think an interesting experiment would be to see how much performance is taken away with drm and without drm.

I don't think there is any noteworthy performance impact, but there is however a huge load time impact with denuvo. Which is unacceptable on it's own.
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Aug 18, 2006


Nov 29, 2006
Clovis, California
I'm not sure about the loading times. Man, it's like there ain't any. I have an ssd and the load times are lightning fast.

Agreed the load times are insanely fast for me too with the Steam version (3yr old sata PNY SSD) I timed it a few times and it was always just shy or right at 5 seconds when loading a new level or continuing campaign.