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[Digital Foundry] The Witcher 3: PS5/Series X/S/PC Patch 4.01 Tested! Better RT Perf But Console 60FPS Suffers

If you cant see how wrong it is from his standpoint. jesus christ.

hes not a simple gaf/twitteruser. Hes covering tech on games as a public person.

Are you even old enough for a job? Feeling like discussing with children.
Dude you don't know anything about DF. DF members pick what games they want to review and they also voice their opinions plenty on what they like. Just because it's honest doesn't mean they can't say it.

twitter folks are insane😬🤣
I always thought he looked like Wreck it Ralph


Sony Fans:
Alex / Richard / Tom are biased towards Xbox

Xbox Fans:
John / Richard are biased towards Sony

AMD Fans:
Alex / Richard are biased towards Nvidia

Nintendo Fans:
They all hate us

Nvidia Fans:
They are unfair about the price of non 4090 cards

the force awakens GIF by Star Wars


Wow, what a downgrade. The RT mode looks worse and still doesn't run well enough, and Performance mode now runs much worse than before. Good job CDPR!
And why did they leave the resolution higher on Xbox. We need steady performance over that garbage.


Why are they still doing poor LoD on Xbox and keeping the red higher. I don’t need more clarity on how poor of a job you’ve done.

Lower the res and fix the settings/frame rate. Why are so many companies stupidly prioritizing resolution over frame rate and at least adequate draw distances?
The RT is really really really off in Novigrad on SX and I’m kinda shocked no one including DF has pointed out. There’s this weird blue glow all over the place that just doesn’t make any sense. I’ve reinstalled so I find it hard to believe I’m alone here:

Edit: And apparently it’s tied to my save… so the patch just fucked all my save files for that play-through…nice.
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