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DF: Can It Run Crysis? The Only Steam Deck Question That Matters Finally Answered


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I'm playing Crysis Remastered right now on Switch and... well... there are some strange issues with this game.

First Gyroscope is so shit I almost thought there was something wrong with the joycons, and I would say it was partially true, the left stick have a little drift. But it can't be that since I previously beat Doom Eternal on Hard and everything was ok.

First, there are some strange stutters with the gyroscope, sometimes it doesn't move at all, plus the strong stuttering in the framerate when you slide left/right, it looks like the game eat some frame, very strange behavior, usually I don't care of stuttering in games very much but this is terrible.

Second, the AI react differently from the original Crysis PC and the port on PS360. In the original, enemies react as shocked when you are too close or you sprint towards them, this was useful for preventing to be killed in a cross fire and to stun them for some second. Crysis console introduced range shooting to reveal your presence and tactics as throw grenades to remove your cloak (in the original they only use the laser sight). In this Crysis, enemies can see you through trees (when you barely see them), immediately reacts when you turn off the cloak, are too much resistant from direct shoots, cheat on your position.

Saber probably touch up something in the AI and the result is not good. I beat Crysis on PC and console at Delta and now I struggle to beat the game at hard, it's very annoying.
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