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Destiny 2 Cross Save Coming August 21st


Nov 21, 2014

This fall, the launch of Shadowkeep and New Light will deliver some bold new ways for you to manage your Guardian lifestyle. Between now and launch, we’ll have plenty of time to talk about your impending freedom to control how you look and fight. Right now, let’s focus on the ways we’ll be able to decide where you'll play.

Two important updates just went live with this article:

This is a resource for players who have been playing Destiny 2 on PC and will be moving with us to our new home on Steam. In keeping with the announcement from last week about our new launch window, Destiny 2 will arrive on Steam for the first time on October 1. Before that happens, on August 20, you’ll be invited to begin the process of linking your PC player accounts for a smooth transition of your Guardians and all your game purchases.

This is a resource for players who know they’ll be playing Destiny 2 in more than one place this Fall. Cross Save will finally let us unify our adventures across many platforms. The launch of Cross Save is planned for August 21. Before that happens, check out the new information we’re serving up about how it will work and what you'll be able to bring with you. If you’ve been nurturing Guardians on more than one account, you’ll have some choices to make.

More in the source



Jan 15, 2018
Yea, picking this up on X for native 4k and to play with my irl buddies who play but don’t do much end game.

This is pretty big for veteran players like me sherpa’ing groups.


Jan 15, 2018
Just saw what’s in the rest of the blog post...

- 4k word state of the game from Luke smith discussion the last six months coming this week (I think). Part 2 will be an equally lengthy write up for the future.

- pvp reveal soon
- armor 2.0 walkthrough next week
- more shadowkeep and crucible play test at gamescom

I’m most excited about pvp news in general so that’s good. It’s interesting that they’re doing a crucible playtest at gamescom because the return of elimination isn’t a big enough reason... neither is the year 3 crucible rework... would actually have to be something new.
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Jul 1, 2009
Fuck yea, awesome news. I've been messing around with a new Warlock I made on PC, but I would love to be able to bring my original 3 guardians over from console. This is all great news.


Aug 3, 2016
I'm just happy we will be getting new PVP maps finally. The Forsaken annual pass have sidelined PVP. I've been shifting focus more towards PVP than PVE, and am enjoying it more noewadays. While I appreciate Bungie trying out new things, I'm hoping Shadowkeep (and subsequently the Shadowkeep annual pass) will focus more on bringing more depth to the existing modes rather than adding new types of activities.