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Battlefield 2042 Season Pass Content To Be The Most Extensive in Series History


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It has already been confirmed by EA that Battlefield will feature a season pass model, with the game coming out with multiple editions to give players four battle passes for free during the first year. That’s alongside the free maps, weapons operators and gadgets.

However, apart from the confirmation that a season pass will last roughly three months and one new Specialist coming to the game per season, DICE hasn’t commented on any further details with its post-launch content.

Past Battlefield titles in recent years have been plagued with post-launch content issues and by all accounts, Battlefield 2042 is planned to lift the curse.


As mentioned earlier, the majority of the details seem to be where Battlefield 2042 is heading with post-launch content, however, it’s claimed that there will only be one remastered map per season. This map will come to the Portal in addition to the two other maps that will come to the Portal from All Out War, meaning we should be getting three maps per season.

Battlefield 2042 seasons will be themed in some capacity, similar to how other games with a season pass do it today. The most talked-about theme that I’ve heard for some time now, is around the big weather events that Battlefield 2042 seems to be centred around. From past bits of information I’ve heard, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and even asteroids could be coming to the game further on down the line.

This seems like the most probable change the development team could introduce to new maps too, after all, can they really add a tornado to every single map? The game hasn’t even been released yet and already Battlefield fans are concerned about how tornados would affect gameplay.

For the Portal side of Battlefield 2042, the key theme will be centred around the map from the title it was remastered from.

Currently, we have 6 maps coming to the Battlefield Portal, which are from Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2, and Battlefield 3. There’s still the likes of classic maps from Battlefield 4, Battlefield 1, and yet to be introduced to the Portal yet, but it seems we’ll have a wait on our hands for those to be introduced.


Around 12 new weapons and four new vehicles minimum will be coming to Battlefield 2042 every season, with around a 50/50 split between both Portal and All Out War.

The remastered Portal map coming to the game during the season will come with new vehicles and weapons from that game. For example, if ST. Quentin Scar comes to the Battlefield Portal, we can expect World War 1 weapons, vehicles, and gadgets to come from that game also.

It’s currently unclear how this content will be incorporated into the game, but the two obvious options would be the new Portal content will be available once the season releases, or it will need to be unlocked via the battle pass.


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EA when they release the season pass.

still amazing to get alot of free content
Battlefield 2042 really seems to be turning the ship back to what made the franchise great in the first place. Insane, hectic multiplayer with great maps to fuck around in. Hope the game lives up to those expectations.
I don't trust them after how horrible the content rollout was for Battlefield 5. However, they are showing me everything I want to see in a BF game so I will give them another chance. I won't buy the game day 1 though.


Might need to stop sniffing glue
The Gold and Ultimate edition state “Year 1 season pass”. Not sure when OP said three months that would be accurate if it’s called year 1 season pass. Still, that’s $99.99 U.S. Gold edition or or $119.99 Ultimate edition.


Back to the season pass, huh?

The DLC maps are always dead within months. Less as you get into the life cycle and reach the later maps.


The DLC maps are free, which won't split the playerbase. BFV Pacific maps were free and still extremely popular.
I had a bit of trouble deciphering the OP, but if the maps are free like BFV, that's good. I was talking specifically about the previous premium passes.


They talk about how the past DLC content was a mess with previous games but I'm still unclear because I think I'm reading that if I buy the 100 dollar version I basically get the first 4 Battle Passes over the course of 12 months? Which would likely cost 10 bucks apiece otherwise just like COD right?
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