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Battlefield 2042 | Review Thread


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Game Title: Battlefield 2042


  • PC (Nov 19, 2021)
  • Xbox One (Nov 19, 2021)
  • PlayStation 5 (Nov 19, 2021)
  • Xbox Series X/S (Nov 19, 2021)
  • PlayStation 4 (Nov 19, 2021)
Developer: DICE

Publisher: Electronic Arts

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Critic Reviews

Digital Trends - Otto Kratky - 4.5 / 5 stars

Full of worthwhile multiplayer content, Battlefield 2042 brings the long-running shooter franchise to new heights.

EGM - Michael Goroff - 10 / 10

Battlefield 2042 brings the sandbox back to the series in bold and controversial ways. The new Specialist system might seem like sacrilege at first, but it opens up gameplay opportunities that weren't possible in previous titles. The massive, well-designed maps offer plenty of room for experimentation and emergent stories, and the modes are a blast. And that's just All-Out Warfare. Between that, Hazard Zone, and the expansive Battlefield Portal, Battlefield 2042 has something for everyone, without feeling like it's stretched too thin. It's a true evolution of the series, one that pushes back against a stagnation that threatened the series' future. It won't be for everyone, but for players who crave imagination and fun from their Battlefields, it will give them everything that they crave and more.

Explosion Network - Dylan Blight - Unscored

Battlefield 2042 has a lot going on inside its three play zones. I'm excited to keep playing the hectic new maps with weather events, head back into the Hazard Zone with the specialists to try and make it out with some loot, and put my nostalgia goggles back on when I play some more of my favourite Battlefield maps in Portal. Stay tuned for my full review in the coming week.

GameSpot - Phil Hornshaw - 8 / 10

Although some specialists can feel a bit useless at times, tweaks to the formula with Battlefield 2042 add a lot of interesting gameplay variety.

Gameblog - Rami Bououd - French - 8 / 10

The title being keen to expand via its future Battlepass, it will be necessary to judge the content in the long term to see whether or not it is up to the task. But as it stands, we are facing a Battlefield of high quality, and worthy of the name.

GamingTrend - Anthony Shelton - Unscored

Battlefield 2042 felt like an eternity away, but now it’s only a little over one week from release. After spending three days with other media types playing the next giant war game, I can finally say it’s ambitious but isn’t able to match the ambition so far. I say so far because while we did play online with our group and while we did have at least 4 hours with each mode (some of us had six with Breakthrough), that’s not enough to properly assess modes like Hazard Zone and Portal. I also don’t know if they’re going to start the battle pass during the early access period. So for now, check out my review-in-progress.

Hardcore Gamer - Kevin Dunsmore - 3.5 / 5

Battlefield 2042 is a fun game to play, but its base game content will leave you wanting. Thankfully, Battlefield Portal is there to pick up the slack and does so splendidly. There’s still some gas left in Battlefield’s tank.

Metro GameCentral - Patrick Dane - Unscored

Due to the restricted amount of time we’ve had with each of the modes, we’re going to wait and see how the game evolves after the first few days. Battlefield 2042 is hard to judge right now, because it will live and die by player engagement. Seeing what the broader player base does with the tools and spaces it provides will be important in trying to gauge exactly how good the overall experience is.

PCGamesN - Christian Vaz - Unscored

This is still a giant playground packed with catalysts and gadgets that are ready and waiting to be worked into a player-made set piece. It feels as cool as ever when you manage to create one of these in the middle of a match, and it’s in these moments when Battlefield asserts itself in the multiplayer FPS space. However, I’m still unsure how Battlefield 2042 will shape up on launch day. My experience has varied wildly across three lengthy sessions with the game, but I’m hopeful that some of the issues I’ve encountered will be addressed in an upcoming patch. When everything works, Battlefield 2042 is easily my favourite game in the series. But as of now, it doesn’t always work.

PowerUp! - Adam Mathew - Unscored

Essentially, I'm going to spend a few more days in the trenches to get a better handle on what appears to be, at the time of writing, a promise-filled yet obviously imperfect sequel.

Press Start - Toby Berger - 8.5 / 10

It's not without its issues, but Battlefield 2042 is off to a fantastic start for DICE's beloved series. All-Out Warfare modes are immersive, Hazard Zone is enjoyable while Battlefield Portal steals the show. There's a lot to love here, and I'm excited to see where the game goes.

Stevivor - Luke Lawrie - 4.5 / 10

In a world where developers are getting used to working from home and games are being pushed back due to the global pandemic, EA decided that Battlefield 2042 was ready for this year. It’s not. More time is needed to fix a lot of the problems, but even then that might not be enough to save it from being one of the most lacklustre Battlefield titles yet.

The Games Machine - Alessandro Alosi - Italian - 9 / 10

Battlefield 2042 is a brave new chapter in the history of the series, full of interesting elements and very well done in many respects. Between the evolution of total warfare, the addition of Hazard Zone and the innovative Portal editor, DICE has done things big, and big is the passion that lies behind this new, monumental shooter.

Wccftech - Alessio Palumbo - Unscored

Battlefield 2042 feels like the most complete Battlefield game yet, mainly thanks to the incredible depth provided by Battlefield Portal and the brand new Hazard Mode, even though it is unclear whether it'll be enough to draw flocks of new players to the franchise.

WellPlayed - Adam Ryan - 8 / 10

Heading in a multiplayer-only direction, 2042 offers a unique blend of experiences that combines classic Battlefield sensibilities with fresh new ideas, making for a game filled with exciting content to explore whether you’re a returning veteran or a series newbie.

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Anyone talking about PC performance and frame time issues or is it just hot steam about the overwatch like features?

We need to see what ACG is saying!
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I lot of streamers played on the lowest setting possible to pump up FPS (lame). Wait for actual PS5/Xbox Series X gameplay.
Nope. I played the beta on near-max settings on PC and it looked noticeably worse than BFV.

Maybe - just maybe - it's somehow massively improved in the release build... but I doubt it.


The performance metrics he gives are basically a big red hands off flag.....

50-80fps with a 3090@1440p with RT completely tanking the FPS and DLSS not doing much....the directional audio completely broken, still a lot of bugs etc etc.

Another game that`s getting released 6-12 months before it`s actually finished.

He did say at the start of the review, that BF 2042 buckles on the weight of it's ambition. And that it's better to wait 12 months, until Dice fixes the game.

Also, there is something that has me very worried. They only sent review codes for the PC version. No one played the console version yet.
This might just be Cyberpunk 2077 all over again.


Nope. I played the beta on near-max settings on PC and it looked noticeably worse than BFV.

Maybe - just maybe - it's somehow massively improved in the release build... but I doubt it.
I did too. Also ran like garbage with cpu pegged at 100%. Changing settings made no difference.



His opening statement is one of the reasons why I dig his reviews so much. I mean, 10 hours for a game that's clearly wanting you to invest more than that, doesn't sounds like enough for a review.

This is kind of what I was expecting. But here's to hoping that it improves with time, and sooner than later.
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