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Batman: Arkham Knight - First Person Mod Gameplay


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Check out Batman: Arkham Knight gameplay in first-person. Now playable thanks to this mod!

With the imminent release of Gotham Knights, we've been looking back at different Batman games, and Arkham Knight now has a really cool first-person mod. Whether it be combat, driving, or just flying around, this first person mod for Batman: Arkham Knight is fun to just mess around with, even if might delete Batman's head. The mod is a simple ini file that can also be recreated by simply entering a console command (found at the link below).
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if you thought for a second this idea could work, click 2 mins in to see the combat



Game still looks damn good and better than some recent games, it's insane.

Not a big fan of FPS view tho personally, except when in the Batmobile.
Even Batmobile FP view sucks, 90% of the screen is like the car interior, you can’t see shit ahead


It's broken most of the time and only barely works during walking. Just a shitty camera mod without any effort to make it reasonable. IGN has nothing to talk about?
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Interesting but the combat really falls apart visually. Visibility in the Batmobile is piss poor.

But hey, it’s a mod. Not like it costs anything to fuck around with.
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