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August PS+ games listed on official site (PS4 // PvZ, Tennis World Tour 2 // PS5 // Hunter's Arena: Legends)


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Source: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/ps-plus/this-month-on-ps-plus/
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Coming to PlayStation Plus in August 2021​

Three games, available to download for all PlayStation Plus members from August 3.

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How's the Tennis game is it good? I remember i had some fun with top spin 3 and virtua tennis 3, specially the first


Personally, I believe this Is a pretty good month.
That's still a good £50 worth of value there.
These might not be your 'perfect picks'
But we should really try not to be ungrateful or entitled...It not the healthiest.
PS+ isn't free. You can be grateful about free EGS games, but in this case you pay for the subscription and a part of it is expecting a good monthly offering in return.

Judging games because of their value also isn't healthy. Just because something costs a certain amount of money doesn't automatically mean it's worth paying that much.

Just to be clear, I can respect that other people (especially tennis fans) may be satisfied with this lineup, but for me it's trashy and reminds me of really bad PS+ months.
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Looks like it's going to be the worst month this year thus far. I wouldn't mind playing a Tennis game as I haven't played one in a long time, but this tennis game doesn't seem to be up to par with stuff like the old Virtua Tennis games I use to play.
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Just watched Hunter’s Arena trailer and it looks….decent. No harm in trying it out. Tennis game got bad reviews so that’s not good. PvZ being there is insulting.


What a load of crap, after last month's rubbish i was hoping for something decent this month.

Not impressed at all.

back to my backlog. enjoying Control atm.
Which games will be this time for PS now? It feels like Sony's budget is split between PS now and PS+ as when one gets better games, another one gets worse.


Could be terrible, or could be good. It all depends on the tennis game. I have no interest in the other two offerings.


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How is Tennis World Tour 2? I could go for a good tennis game, it's been long since I played one. Zero interest in the others.


While it's not an amazing month we've been getting solid games for a good while now so I'm okay with this. Its certainly better than games with gold has been for a long time and before anyone says it I'm not warring xbox is my primary platform but I have a ps5 too.


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I'm usually defending the selections from the cynics, but I don't have it in me this month. I havent' played a tennis game since the Dreamcast, has the genre advanced a lot?


At least it breaks the trend of me already owning two of them and not caring about one. I neither own, nor care, about any of them. That's really rare.


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Why am I still paying for PS+? Not for the games that's for sure.
PS+ has been absolutely fantastic since PS5 launched in terms of monthly games (except for July and August, for me personally). Since November, we have got:
  1. Control Ultimate Edition
  2. Final Fantasy VII Remake
  3. Bugsnax
  4. Destruction All Stars
  5. Maquette
  6. Plague Tale: Innocence
  7. Wreckfest
  8. Operation Tango
  9. Battlefield 5
  10. COD Black Ops 4
  11. Star Wars Squadrons
  12. Oddworld Soulstorm
  13. Days Gone
  14. Remnant: From the Ashes
  15. Greedfall
  16. Concrete Genie
  17. Shadow of the Tomb Raider
  18. Just Cause 4
And more.
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