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Are there still any ongoing videogame stories you care about?


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Would have been The Last of Us, but they completely killed the series for me.

Or Uncharted, but Nate story is over, even if i would be all over a new prequel to DF.

Resident Evil, but not really after 7. Would love more (single player) games similar to the Outbreak entries though.

Only stories i can think of, in this media, that i actually care about are Horizon, Days Gone and God of War.


I find it interesting that so many games listed and I didn't see the heavy story-driven narrative games where the intent is to make you care about the characters and the story. (Wolf Among Us, Life is Strange, Firewatch) just to name a few for reference. Does this mean the story-based genre that tries to capture loveable/memorable characters doesn't really work?

My wife doesn't game, but she watched every Uncharted cutsceen (1-4) and fell in love with the characters and simply calls it the uncharted movies. I can agree that Uncharted makes you really invested in Nathan, Sully, Chloe, etc. That is one story I still care about
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Gears of War series

I play the Gears games mostly for the story. I absolutely need to know how it continues after 5.


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God of War is the only one that seems like a direct sequel to an ongoing story where I'm interested in seeing the plot.
There's other franchises where I enjoy the plot, like Yakuza, but those usually try to tell loosely connected standalone stories instead of some grand ongoing plot


Well currently Xenoblade, in the 3rd game its colliding both 1st and 2nd game’s world together.
Unfortunately Xenoblade is the only video game franchise in the industry that I'm following closely because the storyline in each of the games was so good and satisfying but outside of Xenoblade there is really nothing in this industry that's keeping me interested from a storyline standpoint.


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Elder Scrolls
Deus Ex
Prey 2017(hoping for sequels)

Stolen from Warablo Warablo because I forgot them
Quantum Break
Alan Wake


Well currently Xenoblade, in the 3rd game its colliding both 1st and 2nd game’s world together.
Yep, that's the one I can think of. Story is a hugely important component (to me) in a jrpg, but typically the stories are self contained (SMT, Persona, FF, etc). While Xenoblade stories do stand on their own, the overarching story between the games has me extremely interested. Can't wait to see where they go with Xenoblade 3.

I can't think of any other game where I actually care.


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Another one I like to mention is AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES, I never thought I would see the day this game get sequel and Uchikoshi is god damn mad man so I cant wait to see where is gonna take the story.


Remedyverse fan here after playing Control + its DLCs (60+ hours in total). Can't wait for Alan Wake 2 (finally!).

Also Xenoblade, tho I'm not rushing to play Xenoblade 3 since I just finished playing 2 early this year and am yet to play Torna and get the DE just to play Future Connect before getting into that.


Another one I like to mention is AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES, I never thought I would see the day this game get sequel and Uchikoshi is god damn mad man so I cant wait to see where is gonna take the story.
Hmmmm I think I should get into them then, I love anime and that games look pretty so why not?


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FOUR mentions of Kingdom Hearts on page 1.

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As for me… not really, I guess.
Plots overarching multiple games can barely avoid becoming a mess and starting retconning things by the third game, let alone series that have been running for TWENTY FUCKING YEARS or even more.


Trails is about it, I think. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head. Most games stories aren't interesting, connected are one-off. Most franchises don't aspire to much beyond the game being produced right now either - There's very rarely some long-term plan.


How? How do you manage to take those stories seriously?

Resident Evil is one of my favorite franchises. But, the story is ridiculous nonsense.
elder scrolls has by faaaaaar the deepest, best and most interesting lore of any video game series tbh. the presentation of the plot within the latest games is often clumsy, but that's not the only story in there.

and resident evil is fun because it's batshit and stupid lol, there's a punk rock fuck it element to it that's always endearing
Resident Evil's story is a complete afterthought mess that got stupider every game. Even the readable documents you find got dumber by the game.

I guess for me it would be Disco Elysium 2 if it's even a thing.
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Man, the ME trilogy was just so awesome, I recently played through the Legendary Edition. Wish more games had that vision but feels like another era. Loved Red Dead Redemption 1&2 as well.

As far as continuing stories there is nothing I’m truly invested in. If TLOU can have an entry that redeems it’s miserable sequel, I’d be pleased. GOW has me interested where it goes and hope it does not screw it up. The rumoured Uncharted spin-off with Scully would be welcomed too though not sure it’s still on.

Seems like we are in a one-and-done age now, or a place of reusing and expanding on worlds/lore, themes, or spiritual successors, versus building characters and overarching plots. Could be a big opportunity if a developer had ambition for it.
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The Walking Dead - The Telltale Series.
I need to know what happened to Clementine, A.J. and Kenny.
Days Gone
Never gonna happen but I wish we had one more game or a DLC to follow up on the O'Brien secret ending:
Quantum Break
System Shock. yes I know it's not happening. There's actually loads of '90s titles that I'd like to see continued but the reality is their IP is either dead or in limbo.


Days Gone for sure. I'm still hoping Sony gives us a sequel even if it's like 5 years from now.

Mass Effect Andromeda. I don't need or want more Shepard. That story has been told. Let it rest. Even with all its flaws Andromeda had potential, and if done right could have been a foundation for several sequels.
Biggest for me would be to see how The Evil Within wraps up, as well as Days Gone.
Shame we may never get to see but I'm hopeful.

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I cared about RE VII, one of the best games I've played so I went and played Village and what a disappointment, the intro was promising but the rest of the game is absolute trash.
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Most games are made up self contained plots that follow a grander narrative (that mostly serves to justify more sequels and is sometimes paper thin )

I mean, i care about Resident Evil 'lore' from time to time, i wanted to see a continuation of classic Devil May Cry and Metroid Fusion, wich have been made. And though unlikely, an Igarashi 1999 Metroidvania.

Other than that not really

Astral Dog

I cared about RE VII, one of the best games I've played so I went and played Village and what a disappointment, the intro was promising but the rest of the game is absolute trash.
I would never call it trash but RE 8 is yet another victim of Capcom's managment, they want every game to appeal to every taste and change based on this huge market focus group, so instead of just making more VII like other companies would they fucked up the controls again and went for action approach(since gamers like RE4 and all).

Same happened from RE2R to RE3R, and RE4 to RE5,etc
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Because I just noticed that I haven‘t had any for a long time. I mean, sure, there are still good videogame stories out there but those, to me, are usually self contained stories and by the end I‘m usually not curious to know how the story will be continued.

Looking back this jsed to be quite different for me, especially during the PSone and PS2 era. Metal Gear Solid, Legacy of Kain, Resident Evil, Syphon Filter etc. always kept me pumped for the sequel. Not just because of the game itself but because I wanted to know how the story is goes on and what happens to the characters.

The last ones I remember really caring about are Mass Effect and the Desmond story of AC.

Is it just me or are there barely any more big ongoing plots in the industry?
Game ends, I don't want to hear anything about it. Fuck dlcs and other shit fished out of the trash bin. Because most of the time it's a letdown. I spent lots of hours with the game, but after the final scene it's uninstall, good bye. 2 weeks later I don't even remember wtf it was all about. 4 weeks later I don't even know the name of the protagonist. So what about a recap next time you continue your fucking long story in the sequel?

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Kinda surprised so many mention RE. I‘m one of the biggest geeks for RE out there since 96. The mainline plot has been either very bad (everything after CV or 4) or completely stagnating since 6. As good as 7 and Village were, they neither introduced any memorable characters or got the RE plot anywhere. I‘m dying for a new big story arc with either the old characters (Jill, Chris, Claire, Leon etc) or new ones.
Same...as great as RE4 was it just felt kind of silly to fast forward right through the demise of Umbrella. I was really hoping they would slow it down a bit and use the new RE2 and RE3 Remakes as a new starting off point to progress the story in a less ridiculous way. Give us a game where Jill tracks down Chris in Europe and let us see what goes on as they try to take down Umbrella.


I'm good, I kinda prefer lore to story and enjoy my own memories of competitive battles and other hyjinx. I will piece together a story but it's not my desired tale, I'm in it for the gaming.


Once upon a time I would have said Valkyria Chronicles, but VC4 left such a bad taste in my mouth I think I'm done.

So maybe Days Gone. I like that the game actually had kind of an upbeat feel despite being a post-apocalyptic zombie game where everybody is doomed. At least until the secret ending comes into play. And kind of why I want to see how it continues.
Main ones for me are:

God of War
The Witcher
Deus Ex
Death Stranding
Days Gone (if we ever get another:messenger_downcast_sweat::messenger_loudly_crying:)
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