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Amazon Is Developing A New Live Service AAA Game


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It seems that Amazon is hiring for a director-level role for a new game in the San Diego location. In a job posting on Linkedin for a creative director at Amazon Games, experience with live service games was listed as a requirement.

In a blog post, Amazon summarized its relationships with external studios. They wrote of all the publishing deals they have made with external studios, including a publishing deal with Crystal Dynamics to publish their upcoming Tomb Raider title. At the end of the post, they mention new internally developed titles are being made at its San Diego and Quebec studios.


The project is mentioned as a multiplatform AAA game, and the job listing also asks for candidates with knowledge of solo, multiplayer, and online games. It’s not specified if they are seeking industry knowledge or if these games will contain these elements.
GaaS is the gamber's fallacy of the gaming world. Few win big while many fail making it soooo tempting to give it one more shot. I personally don't have a problem with it - even curious about what they have in mind but have no doubts it's chances of being something that won't take long after launches if it can even survive that long. The most exciting thing is waiting for that one game to come out of nowhere to be a massive success ala Genshin Impact, Minecraft, or Fortnite.

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Amazon is such a behemoth, they pay for their AWS, a service they created themselves, think about that for a minute. Not surprised they're not getting the message.




What the hell is Amazon doing? Might as well do a Microsoft and just buy a publisher. Buy Ubisoft and call it a day.

I guess it's a sweet gig for the developers when you think about it. They don't seem to get fired for the failures, they just move on with new ones.

They must just tell friends and family that they work on "games" that no one ever sees.

I know they have some kind of involvement with the new TR, I'm hoping that they follow through on that one. At least they are just publishing that one I think.
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These companies and shareholders are desperately trying to find a new gold mine à la Fortnite & Cie.

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Just focus on awesome shows like "The Boys" instead of pollute gaming "ecosystem" with games nobody wants.


We all know they want to get into the gaming market. suprised they dont just buy a publisher like Ubi and build off that from there. Not saying Id be a fan but just speaking tactically if I was in their shoes. They might make a descent sized publisher themselves if they knew what they were doing with their resources.


Barely any GAAS game that released during the recent years have been successful. Good luck with that.,


Man, how much creativity is lost working on these trash ass live service games. I guess it's good that some devs get a job for a few years, but what a waste.


What the hell is Amazon doing? Might as well do a Microsoft and just buy a publisher. Buy Ubisoft and call it a day.
Buy the corporation that had "a dozen" battle royales in development, only to cancel them all, because they all sucked so badly. That's the institutional level industry wisdom you think they should buy into?


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Literally designed as a product and money generating tool from day one. No value or worth.
No labour of love, nobody with an idea for a game. Just produce a game as a service product, that generates money.
I'll give them kudos for trying again and again after getting their teeth kicked in.

Not going to fucking play it, but they got tenacity.


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Perhaps their hiring so the guy can tell them how to design a game and they then just do the oposite...

I mean common guys they can't be stupid enough to do this 5 times in a row?


Looking forward to the news in around 3 years about how they wasted $100+ million on the project and then it got cancelled.
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