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A suggestion to make gaf a better place...

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Phil has dug himself a hole with some of the things he’s said over the years. The guy is an executive for a megacorp, he should just stop talking so much and let greenberg or someone else do the media rounds IMO. GAF is getting better because the most obnoxious console warriors are getting permed over the last few weeks.


What's the matter? Any suggestions or is that all you are adding?
What's wrong with you op?!
We miss the old ps5/seriesX pre launch thread,,,, that was the goat! And you worried about the ABK wannabee

Alternatively, you could just forget about the whole thing and move on with your life after realising that none of this matters and no one will remember about any of it, come next poo break when they will reach for their phones to scroll through the boards again.
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I sent your thread to chatgpt and it spit out a poem, enjoy

Console wars rage like storms at sea,
Fanboys shouting with such glee,
Each one clamoring to be heard,
Their voices lost in a single word.

Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo too,
Arguments that never seem to ensue,
Call of Duty and Bethesda now join,
As the fanboys' anger they seek to purloin.

Phil Spencer stands in the eye of the storm,
A man who promised, yet did not conform,
Lies and mistruths, that's what they say,
Fanboys on all sides, now in disarray.

But why all the fuss, why all the strife?
Is it worth it, to lose sleep over your preferred life?
We're all gamers, let's just play,
Enjoy the games and call it a day.

The console wars will never cease,
As each fanboy seeks to increase,
Their chosen brand's prestige and power,
Until it's the only one left to tower.
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The state of gaming discussions today: financial spreadsheets, acquisitions, graphic whoring and.... this
It really is, I come here to talk about actual games and be excited for upcoming games, I don’t care for NONE of these junks but it seems in GAF all they want to talk about these junk topics and making gaming discussion so god damn boooooooring.

Whats so fun about these type of topics? I can’t for life of me understand.


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Maybe you should take a break from forums if you cant handle or care so much about corporations.
Honestly I'm fine...I was attempting to make a positive post that would hopefully help a lot of users...as many, my online communication probably sucks and the goodwill intentions are maybe not showing?

I woke up feeling crazy positive and attempted to make a positive thread lol

maybe ive failed!
Better suggestion. Let @bender run this place
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Dude,you are waaaaaaaay to invested in this stuff.
Nah, not really. I'm all good. Just wanted to try and contribute to make the gaming side better.


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This thread has been locked justifiably by another mod but I wanted to add something. Posters on this forum have a weird obsession with the Xbox and PS executives. Jim and Phil. I honestly don't even know their names.

Here is a clue - executives mainly want to make money for the shareholders. They lie or at least twist the truth a lot. That's why I generally don't put a lot of stock into what they say.
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