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10 Best Dogs In Video Game History


These good boys are the very best dogs in video gaming history. Did your favorite make it?

Dogs. Do they need any other introduction? These beloved companions are celebrated when they make it on video game screens. Whether they are great supports, beloved main characters, or are just there to add a bit of charm and cuteness to the game - dogs are always a welcome sight for any browbeaten gamer.
When looking back at all the dogs in video game history, there are so many to choose from. But there are a select few that really take the (dog) biscuit.

But first, an honorable mention. You cannot talk about dogs without mentioning the Nintendogs. An obvious choice and a beloved franchise, many gamers have felt the guilt of returning to the game after several months. There is not one particular dog that stands out, everyone has their favorites, yet it can be safely said that playing with your Nintendog would always put a smile on your face. Now onto the main contenders.

10 The Duck Hunt Dog - Duck Hunt

Making a debut in the 1984 NES game Duck Hunt, this chuckling canine has been around since the beginning. There to scare the ducks out of the grass, the haunting laugh that echos through the speakers when you miss a duck has undeniably become a recognized staple of early console gaming.
For a long time, the Duck Hunt Dog was banished to the archives of video game history. But with the release of Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U came a rebirth. Added to the roster of fighters with duck, you can play as one of gamings oldest dogs, fending off the master hand and taking home the gold. If you want to relive history, why not try the laughing taunt whilst on the battlefield?

9 Chop - GTA 5

Rottweilers often have a bad rep but how could you not love a face like Chop from GTA 5? Owned by Lamar Davis, Chop will help out Franklin on missions and lives with him for most of the storyline.
In the Halloween surprise event, you could even turn into Chop. San Andreas has never looked better than when on four paws.

8 Cerberus - Hades

Cerberus, the giant demon three-headed dog that guards the doors of the underworld. Who else could keep the dead from escaping to the land of the living and look so handsome doing it?
As terrifying and ginormous as he is, you can pet Cerberus to gain favor from him. Twenty times this pup will need affection, and three heads to choose from, who wouldn't want to pet the guardian of the pit of hell?

7 Rush - Mega Man

Fresh from the labs of Dr. Light comes Rush your robotic canine companion. Making his debut in Mega man 3 in 1990, Rush was built to aid you on your quest to defeat the diabolical Dr. Wiley.

Rush is like a walking utility belt that can transform into a coil, hoverboard, or even a submarine. Since then, Rush has been a frequent feature in the Mega Man series - aiding Mega man with his eager loyalty.

6 Lucario - Pokémon

With Pokemon Diamond and Pearl being graced with a remake, the legend amongst gen four Pokemon, Lucario is absolutely a top dog. This fighting and steel type is celebrated amongst the fans, utilizing its aura manipulation to send its opponents flying.
Lucario is another dog that has been featured in Super Smash Bros. It maybe not be one for petting but it's definitely a dog that's ready to take on any rival.

5 Shiba Inu - Silent Hill 2

Let's set the scene. You have screamed your way through horror after horror. Who is the mastermind behind such events? Who could think of such unspeakable terrors? You open the door to find... a Shiba Inu.
In one of the most hilarious twists in gaming history, one of the endings of Silent Hill 2 is the discovery that it was in fact a humble Shiba Inu pulling the strings. It is this comical and slightly deranged moment that makes this Dog one of the most memorable - and oddly likable.

4 Isabelle - Animal Crossing

A mayor's assistant. A helper in Residental services. A kart racer. A Smash Bros fighter. Is there anything that Isabelle cannot do? This charming canine has to be one of the most helpful hands out there.
First appearing in Animal Crossing New Leaf, she has won the hearts of so many gamers the world over. Whether she is detailing her TV habits or anticipating the next island event, mornings would never be the same without those announcements. What can be cuter than the jingle sound when she walks?

3 Dogmeat - Fallout 3

Apocalypses are terrifying. There you are, venturing out into the wasteland - alone. Until Dogmeat appears, there to keep you company.
Dogmeat will always be there for you. Defending you, attacking enemies, or just being there to be a friend. The bond you make is unbreakable. However, be warned. If Dogmeat dies, that's it. No do-overs. So cherish and protect your friend as if his life depended on it, because it does.

2 D-Dog - Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain

Those we choose to love can appear from the darkest places. D-Dog is a classic example of this. Found on the battlefield as a puppy, you will see your companion grow up, even to the point where they join you on missions.
As D-Dog jumps up onto the helicopter in slow-motion, it really drives home the bond you will have. They are also an ace in your hand on missions. Stunning, sneaking, or even taking enemies out, you couldn't ask for a better partner.

1 PaRappa - PaRappa the Rapper

Nothing screams nostalgia more than PaRappa. A dog so smooth that his rhythms can not be matched. PaRappa has been rapping since 1996 on the PlayStation. Here, you must complete the lessons that your rapping teachers give to progress.
From a driving lesson to baking a cake, PaRappa bends over backward to impress Sunny Funny. When someone can rap against all their teachers in front of a crowd - we can be nothing but impressed. With an iconic soundtrack that has even made its way to TikTok, what could be next for this lovable dog?

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Dr. Suchong





Boney from Mother 3. The best boy. After becoming separated from his family, Boney remains Lucas' most loyal companion throughout the game and is also a full-fledged party member. He has the fastest speed stat in the party which makes him great as an item user.


I always find it funny when game reviewers mention there's a dog in a game, and then quickly point out - YES, YOU CAN PET IT!

Edit: didn't a dev once patch a game to allow for dog petting because people complained you couldn't..? Was it Last of Us, Part 2?
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I hate the Duck Hunt Dog. His laugh mate me more angry than the Kung Fu bosse's or Punch Out fighter's after they beat the shit out of me.

Inspector Q

When I saw the thread title, the first game that immediately came to mind was Dead to Rights for Xbox/PS2/GC. Your loyal dog/wolf hybrid, Shadow, would help you take down enemies. Apparently, they also made a sequel at some point.


Also, Galford and Poppy from Samurai Shodown:

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I liked the dog from Fable (2 I think ?), especially since it's actually trying to behave like a dog (run around, sniff at everything, digs for stuff and bark at people).
Cerberus in Hades is more of a gimmick, except for inserting all "here's a good boy" dialogs, he doesn't do much (I still bought him a nice cushion and a toy :p )
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