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Game Dev Platform “Xbox Series S Won’t Significantly Limit Game Development” – Warhammer 40K: Darktide Dev


Jan 17, 2018
This is mostly true on CPU and IO managed stuff, but SS and SX CPU and IO are exactly the same.

On GPU side their features are very scalable or present an alternative for other lower end GPUs on PC so they'd fit a wide range of tiers anyway as we've seen in the last couple generations.
Cpu is the same and gpu scales, yes. But memory setup is the thing that will hurt entire gen of third party games, this console have only 2.5GB more memory available to devs than PS4\X1 IIRC. This is the baseline for current gen games and devs have to fit all the stuff in that tiny amount, you can use lower quality textures and stuff but still not only textures reside in console memory. Right now many games are cross gen so this is not the problem, but it will be.

PC games set targets like 8, 12, 16GB of RAM for minimum specs and that's not counting VRAM, minimus specs for this gen are set by XSS and and Xbox games will never fully utilize 13GB of memory in XSX other than using higher quality textures or letting is mostly unused like on X1X.


Jun 10, 2013
Derby, England
Read it again, I think I'm wasting my time here completely.........

"All in all we don’t think that the Series S will significantly limit the game development progress as a whole in any way.”
So you quote the part where he is saying it will limit the games and still say others cannot read.

Hes a pro tip, if it wasn't a limiting factor he would've said this: series s won't limit game development.

The fact he adds significantly tells you it is a limiting factor. And if someone who makes warhammer games tells you this, imagine what devs that push systems is going to run into.
Dec 6, 2020
Great little device, even for someone like me who's not a casual, fifa-only gamer. I'm sure that MS exclusives will look and play very well on it, and that's what i care about the most.

We survived 7 years with PS4 and XONE and their terrible CPUs. We also had games that theoretically should not be possible on these consoles like RDR2.

Series S will be fine.
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Mar 20, 2017
funny though. when other devs said it would limit/affect development, there people would denied it
but when other devs said otherwise, it suddenly taken as gospel

this also applied to otherway around.
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Jun 1, 2014
Less memory and slower GPU are things that most game developers can dynamically scale for by scaling resolutions and graphics effects

So that's basically exactly what MS have been telling. What a surprise.


Jun 22, 2009
Karak Karak do you think that the XSS is holding back this generation of games? Do you think MS made a mistake releasing the XSS? I trust your opinion because I know you are pretty objective when it comes to gaming in general.
Hell no clue. I can only say that those working on it that we keep talking to don't have issues with it because it's actually not unlike the environments they have dealt with forever. Not going to lie the CPu speed also helps a huge deal with the Series S.


Nov 26, 2018
So that is basically the same as the other thread.... it will limit development.

Yup, Control on the PS5/XSX could've easily hit 60fps with RT on, but thanks to Series S, they had to limit the framerate to 30fps and a 1440p resolution. Damn you Series S!


Aug 11, 2020

As a Series S owner I have NO issues playing any games and everything looks great. Yes, I am aware they're not 4K textures etc, but things look FINE.

I suspect Microsoft will update both the X and S mid-cycle, which would be about 2 to 3 years or so from now, and we're going to keep getting cross gen games until then anyways, so whether you buy an X or an S, it is kinda irrelevant for the time being. I bought an S because it was the least expensive entry into next gen, and I can always upgrade to an X later on. Otherwise, I am happy with my purchase. It's $299... you cannot build a comparable PC package that is even acceptable for that price. If PlayStation had the same approach as XBOX, this board would be lighting up with praise and everyone would be cheering.

Microsoft isn't going to follow traditional console timelines anymore, no more generations. So expect hardware refreshes every few years akin to PC graphics cards and forward and backward compatibility. Obviously there will come a point where certain models of XBOX will no longer be supported, but it will be gradual.

Microsoft is doing things right for the long term.
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