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Youtube Demonetizes The Act Man's Entire Channel Over Petty Reasons


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The guy is a genuine idiot, if he thought tweeting this wouldn't backfire.

He did a few of these stupid tweets trying to be funny.

& Now he has been de-monetised, he is certainly burning all bridges with YouTube with more dumb childish tweets for attention and showing everyone what a clown he is, honestly I can't imagine anyone will want to work with him after this. (Mega unprofessional)

But his young impressionable fans will probably think he has been wronged.
The way I see this is similarly to the guy at the airport when they take forever to search his luggage, and finally he says "What do you think you're going to find?? A bomb???" Yeah it's clearly a joke but there are some things you just don't joke about. Now do I agree with YT banning him for this? Not for a second. I'm just saying, that's probably the reasoning they used. This is honestly hard to comprehend. They banned him for joking about doxxing, and they didn't ban QTV for doxxing Actman's mom? What about protecting the community?

edit: I'm not that familiar with this story so there are probably details I'm missing here.
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