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Your Proudest Platinums/Achievements and your biggest failures.


As sad as it is, my biggest memories of games are now trophy related. I force myself to play things I don’t like to get a tiny digital footprint that isn’t even an NFT! I also other have incredible anxiety about games I have failed to Platinum.

So I thought I would share my greatest wins and biggest blunders! Honestly, I’m not the best gamer ever so these might not be impressive to you all, but I’m proud nevertheless.

Favourite Platinums
1. Demon’s Souls - This was my first “hard” platinum and I played the game 4 times in less than a month.
2. Kingdom Hearts - I spent days attempting the final boss on Hard, but finally beat it.
3. Final Fantasy VII Remake - Rufus, Sephiroth and the last challenge tier, some of the best boss battles I have ever encountered.
4. Persona 4 Golden - Only took me 5 years!
5. The Witcher 3- Not hard, but one of the greatest gaming experiences ever.
6. Final Fantasy XII - the Judges and some of the higher level hints were phenomenal. The level of tactical thinking required was fantastic.
7. Greedfall - Spiders is a developer I know isn’t top tier, but I just really resonate with their games, especially Greedfall.
8. Bioshock - I have probably played this game 20 times, but it never gets easier on harder difficulties.
9. Deus Ex HR - Fantastic story, waiting on a third game.
10. Resident Evil 2 Remake - I missed a speed run attempt and was so pissed, but did it with time to spare the next day.

Biggest Failures
1. Fallout 4 - Fuck this game! I did everything, but was stuck on my camp’s happiness rating. Really ruined the experience.
2. Persona 5 - I did a perfect first playthrough, but couldn’t face a second playthrough to beat the twins. And then hearing Royal had a vastly easier platinum frustrated me so much, I can’t go back.
3. Far Cry 3 - I have done all the hard work, I don’t know why I gave up on this but no PS3 to go back.
4. Sekiro - Not only is it the only Fromsoft game I haven’t platinumed, but I couldn’t even finish the game and didn’t beat the headless ape. Shame on me!
5. Uncharted 4 - Again, I platinumed every Naughty Dog game before this, but it was so long and those collectibles are a slog. I did plat TLOU2 but it wasn’t enjoyable. I hope they trim down future games considerably.

So what are yours GAF? Make me feel better about some of my L’s.


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I think my proudest Platinum is getting all three Platinums in Mass Effect Legendary Edition while playing on Insanity difficulty. That was crazy fun. Also Platinuming Greedfall on hardest difficult and getting all the endings. That took a while, but fun.

My biggest failure isn't a failure on my part really, but one of the logs BD-1 logs didn't register in Jedi Fallen Order. That one log is all I need for Plat, but I'd have to play the entire game and get them all again. Not happening.


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I generally don't go for platinums/full achievements anymore, but my most notable:

  • Got the SOCOM 4 Plat entirely using the Move Sharpshooter controller.
  • Mirror's Edge Catalyst Plat which requires ace times for all the trials.
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I hold all the plats for the Fromsoft games, each of them a good time to get with plenty of freedom of runs and collectables, so they are probably my top ones.

My most difficult ones though are easily Super Meat Boy, The Evil Within (Akumu mode was fucking horreandous, took me at least 20 attempts to beat. the 19th try I literally died on the final 10 mins of the game finish line in sight. Almost launched my entire console out of the window)

I'm also one of the ... like 20 people in the entire world who has the platinum for crypt of the necrodancer, which is fucking hilarious, I just played the shit out of the game while I was recovering from an operation and got my mind set on it.
Maybe it's because I had just gotten the Super Meat Boy plat, which imho is the hardest trophy of all time, that everything after it seemed easy.

Super meat boys plat is quite possibly one of the hardest things a human being can acheive. It requires absolute precision on some of the hardest platforming levels ever designed. I think I must have died around 10,000 times attempting it over the summer.

In terms of most enjoyable to play and acheive. I would say the Hitman games. The gameplay loop is so great even after hundreds of hours I never felt like a single trophy was busywork. I just loved playing them.

My biggest regret is probably tapping out on the Diablo 2 remake plat, I genuinely believe it will never be beaten. It requires you to run a hardcore character through the game to level 99, aka, 4,000 r uns without dying *once*.

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Then you must be striving for a GAF achievement by posting in this thread. Is it the posting count one?
Nah, got that already.

I'm just bored and want to make friends


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My proudest 100% achievements are probably Elden Ring and Jedi Fallen Order.

My biggest failure is Hollow Knight. I got 100% of all the base game achievements, but I couldn't complete all the Godmaster DLC. The Pantheon of Hallownest is no joke!
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My biggest achievement/trophy failures include any single player game with online features that have that one trophy/achievement which asks you to grind PvP when the game's community is pretty much dead or when you've pretty much fully completed everything else. So basically most Souls games(aside from Sekiro and Elden Ring) and Souls-likes (like Code Vein), old CoD and Battlefield games, old racing games, old or obscure fighting games, etc.

Thankfully some games lately have been separating that from the platinum requirements.


Biggest achievement: plating KH1 and 2. Sure I ended up doing doing a lv. 100 run on beginner and every cheese strat known to man to beat the secret bosses, but it's done.

Biggest failure: Kingdom Hearts 3. "It's the easiest plat" they said, "you don't need to worry about difficulty" they said.
Then why are the mini games all so bullshit?!
I got my 204th platinum earlier today with Trials of Mana. I've been doing them since they launched. My first were God of War and Demon's Souls on PS3.

My most time consuming one would probably be Final Fantasy XIV.
if you don't collect them then why comment here ?

Binding Of Isaac
- character Lost has 0 health and you have to beat the game several times with him
- 30 challenges and most of them suck. beat the game with a fly that orbits around you -__-
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back and Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped
- still don't know how I got some of those time records
- first one has long levels and I don't have the patience for those

- 10 000 kills
- get max reputation with all 4 factions. also don't know how many time I spent doing this
- 25 roadkills in multiplayer which drove me nuts cuz everyone has shield and
only way to get this is to see two guys fighting, wait until they lost some health and then try to run them over.
got this trophy after 6 year

Darksiders 2
- never played this series and when this game came to PS+ I knew I wanted the platinum so I started playing on hardest difficulty from beginning
- I don't know if people consider this game to be any kind of difficult but I'm proud to beat this one cuz it felt like a really long game to me

Don't Even Think
- defeat 3 Werewolves with Sliver Bullets. chance of getting the silver bullets and those fast wolves just stand there so you shoot them with this slow gun
- defeat 10 players who killed your teammates

Fallout Shelter
- long ass platinum. waiting in real time for your people to come back from quests. wtf

- fun game that had some harder parts
- heard for years from Greg and Colin how good this game is until it came to PS+

- couple of harder trophies but 100 000 kills trophy. I would play over and over. find smallest map, throw a grenade that attracts enemies toward you and kill them.
I think it took me 100 hours

Hell Let Loose
- such a slow game. can't see shit most of the time. don't know if it's a rock or a player.
- drops 250 supplies from a truck, build 3 x 100 different nodes, 100 headshot
- destroy 100 vehicles. only way for me was to go to their base with a slow ass tank and camp in their spawn point
I think it took me 3 months for platinum since I play 4h a day because of my work

Horizon Chase Turbo
- those goddamn tournament levels. stopped playing the game for months and one week played it over and over until I got it

Killing Floor 2 (beat it on some insane difficulty)
Onrush (one event where you have to kill few vehicles by jumping on top of them so you have only few chances per lap)
Peggle 2 (few annoying levels)
Realm Royale (11 kills in battle royale)
Resogun (ps4)
Resogun (vita)
Rogue Aces (fuck this one --> complete 100 missions in a single game )
Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (long ass platinum and some annoying trophies)
Unchated series hard difficulty ?
World War Z (looong platinum and beating one particular level on hardest difficulty, ending is
around some gas station and there is not a single thing to hide behind or camp and zombies come from 6 goddamn places, you need 4 good players)
Gas Guzzlers Extreme (took me like 6 months for these, kill at least 800 hyenas, 1000 fat human zombies, 15000 human zombies, collect 10000 points repairing the base)


My first Plat: Fallout 3. I put probably 200 hours into this game with all the dlc

Most proud Plat: Bloodborne. I think it's the easiest plat to get out of all the soulsborne games, but it's cool to tell people that I have it

Most annoying plat: Dragon age Origins. There is a glitched trophy where you have to kill 1,000 darkspawn. Even if you kill 1,000 the trophy still doesn't pop. I probably killed more like 2,000 darkspawn for this trophy

Biggest failures: Any game that has multiplayer trophies in order to get the Plat just forget it.

Also failure: Diablo 3 dream team trophy. Reach level 70 with 6 different classes. This would take way too long and way too grindy. I got 2 characters to level 70 and then gave up
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Titanic was called the Ship of Dreams, and it was. It really was.
My greatest achievement in gaming was finishing Ecco the Dolphin for the Genesis.

Nothing else comes close.


My proudest is Elden Ring, and I say that because I never really chased getting all the achievements in a game. There were multiple times where I started with the intention of doing so, but then giving up and not really caring. But with Elden Ring, I loved it so much I WANTED to do it, and I did. Felt good!

My biggest failures, while I can't remember them off the top of my head are the few where I almost 100% it on the first playthrough, but missed out on a few things here and there. So much so that me going back through to getting them was a big "Nah, I'm good." I'm pretty sure they were early 360 games where the achievements could all get got within one play through.


Pretty proud if all my plats.

Mainly Sony FP: Spider-Man, every GoW game, every home console Uncharted, TLoU and TLoU Remastered, Jak/Spyro/Sly trilogies, Ico, Ratchet from the PS3 onwards, Horizon. I’ve enjoyed them all.

All From games except my only disappointment, DaS 2 SOTS. Got to the end of my second play through, just gave up on the last 5 or 6 trophies. Just crap.


Don't have enough time to play as much as I'd like and have little patience for replaying so I only have one plat and that is Spider Man on PS4.

Games where I was close but didn't:

- Asscreed 2
- Infamous
- Ghost of Tsushima (I think I did everything I found interesting, if I remember correctly it says about 82% of the trophies)

I think that's it.

Mad respect for completionists.


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I dunno, they mean nothing but I had fun getting the plat in Destiny because I needed to solo the Scrota raid to get the the flawless trophy.


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Would playing Cuphead and quitting the game at the Sunflower boss (I think only about 1/4 into the game) count as a failure? I sure am!


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I don't care for platinums and achievements and that's my proudest achievement.

Can’t believe we made it 3 whole posts before we got this comment, VERY cool and VERY hardcore.


Here’s my rarest and overall profile. I’d also put getting that awful “Becomes the Master” trophy in Titanfall 2.

Biggest achievements:
- Platinum God on the original Binding of Isaac
- 100% on Tales of Symphonia; requires 5 playthroughs for all the achievements, 3 more for the "real" 100%, and you'd better not make any mistakes in your choices for affection ratings
- there weren't any achievements back then, but I 1-credit'd the first Metal Slug. Fuck all the other ones though.

Biggest fails:
- I think I only got to one of the Deadly Sins (Sloth?) in Darksiders 3 before giving up. I keep telling to myself that I'll come back to it, but haven't yet in 3 years.
- to this day, I still could never beat a Lynel in "fair" combat in BotW.


Ps- I have 16 plats and am proud of them to some extent in that they were real games and not weeb/waifu 1 hour plat games. In saying that, I am finding myself not caring so much for them given that my game time is not what it used to be. A little over 3100 trophies at the moment.

Xbox- I honestly don’t even look at the achievements list. I just play and watch them pop as I do things. Just shy of 50k gamerscore.
My proudest:
- Uncharted trilogy remaster on PS4: that Platinum was a bit of a bitch because of Crushing, especially in Uncharted 1.

- RE0, REmake, RE3make, RE4. In REmake, playing "True Survival" with Chris is a pain in the ass, as he only has 6 slots. In RE3make, I actually yelled in happiness when I finally beat final Nemesis in Inferno difficulty.

- Bayonetta: I believe I have truly mastered this game, to the point where I went off script after I got the Platinum. I started creating my own challenges.

- Rayman Origins: beating Land of the Livid Dead in one go was an extremely satisfying accomplishment

Biggest failures:
- Not many I can think of, but in RE2make, I'm two achievements short of the Platinum. I've gotten all the Achievements in the main game, but these are for extra/DLC mode that's a bit of a "survival" mode (I think you have to kill 100 zombies or something), but it's not so much that the mode is difficult, but more that I'm not a fan of those kinds of modes.
Don't care about achievements, but man did I felt proud after beating Alien Soldier after so much practicing.

Beating Perfect Dark on perfect agent felt awesome too. I had that game as a kid and never managed to beat it in that difficulty... Until a few months ago.

- there weren't any achievements back then, but I 1-credit'd the first Metal Slug. Fuck all the other ones though.
Same here bro. 🫂

I went to try to 1CC Metal Slug 3 but holy shit thay game man. After like 2 weeks of practice I managed to get to the last stage (by far the hardest one) without losing any lives, but at that point I was already tired of the game and left it there.

And honestly, I can't imagine myself beating the zombie part of the last stage without dying time and time again. Shit's just too tough.


Gran turismo 6 and 7, driveclub and driveclub bikes, all Ride games, almost all Dirt games, almost all Motogp games and almost all NFS games platinumed
I guess i like driving games
Weak point some easy indies that finish in 3 mins 😉


Well shit homies, look at you lot listing off banger platinums, I'm owa here proud of myself for Astros Playroom.

But seriously, the souls games. I was shit on DeS & DS on PS3. I've hammered them all now (bar Sekiro. I can't parry, strength builds don't parry) Mortal Kombat. Doom Eternal. I'm wierdly proud of my Destiny plats for some reason.

Naked Lunch

Greatest Achievements:
Finished Radiant Silvergun without continuing.
I likely wont ever be able to top that one.

Finished Ace Combat 6 campaign without getting hit + finished entire campaign using machinegun only - no missiles.
You also had to get S ranks on all missions. All of those combined equal one achievement for like 30 gamerscore, heh.
No clue why I even attempted these - but I did it.

Greatest Failure:
Armored Core Verdict Day Hardcore Mode.
Have to finish the entire campaign on one life. You only get one chance and you cant cheat the system. This is a multi play session process (about a week of playtime) and you have to play flawlessly for hours at a time. I made it to the final boss and got wrecked. Nearly impossible.
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Favourite Platinums:

Dark Souls: Really tough but the satisfaction is great
Dark Souls II: Same as above
Bloodborne: Same as above
I’m closing in on 200 Platinums; I started in 2010.

Among the most difficult, I would say:
- Medal of Honor Frontline
- Dead Space 2
- Metal Gear Solid 2
- Bloodborne (Demons Souls PS5 is also a contender)
- Jak 2

My favorite platinums based on how much I loved the game:
- Persona 4 Golden
- Deus Ex (both games)
- Metal Gear Solid 5
- Final Fantasy 7
- Zero Time Dilemma


I got Platinum on basically all Froms.games since Demons Souls , it's the only developer I do this.
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I don't have many Platinums, but I'm pretty proud of getting the one for Mad Rat Dead. Getting S+ rank on Hard mode for all stages felt impossible going in, but I actually pulled through and did it (there were struggles for SURE though, I know the final boss took at least like 2 days haha)

Lady Jane

I was #1 in a Burnout Paradise race. Unfortunately, the leaderboard didn’t carry over to the Remaster.
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Probably the only one I feel any real pride over is getting Path of the Master Ninja in Ninja Gaiden 2, in part because it came with this tiny postage stamp of a gamerpic:

It looks fucking terrible blown up for the modern Xbox UI and I'm never going to change it :messenger_smiling_with_eyes:
"Proud" isn't exactly the right word because I don't like brag about them or post them everywhere, but the most satisfying and "fulfilling" for lack of a better word, achievements were mostly Guitar Hero/Rock Band ones

5* every song on GH3 expert
20 100% songs on GH3
750k on a song on GH3
complete the Expert drum career on Rock Band 1 and 2

As far as non Guitar Hero/Rock Band goes I'd say completing COD4 (and Mile High Club) on Veteran, beating World at War on Veteran, Halo 1-4 on Legendary, those would be the main ones. My issue is nowadays (2010s and beyond) I typically play games one playthrough or if it's multiplayer move on relatively quickly, so I don't really master games anymore, more just trying to experience as many fun games as I can, that limits my ability to have tons of amazing achievements or 100%ing certain games even if I love them

As far as failures go I don't really have any (as far as the type you're referencing) because as I stated before I'm not one who will spend time trying to 100% tons of games unless it's a game I love with an achievement list that's feasible. I'd say my biggest "failure" in terms of achievement I should have but don't would be Fable 3 there was an achievement for saving everybody in the town (which SPOILER ALERT was just spending a certain amount of gold where every piece of gold saved 1 person), I had enough to save everybody but thought it would be funny if I saved everybody but 1 person, so unless I replay that entire game I'll never have that achievement. But I still think it's funny so it's at least partially worth it lol
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