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Your Playstation Wrap-Up 2022


Loads of people play horizon lol
You love to see it
yesss :p



Mine has only counted the 3 months I’ve had a PS5 and not the 9 months I logged on ps4 previously. I had more fun this year on PS4 putting a lot of time into Elden Ring and Tales of Arise.

That’s is with a new toddler… playing only when he go sleep.

My top 5 games were GoW, Horizon, Judgment 2, GT 7 , last of us part 1
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As promised, here is my stats:

EDIT: Ahem.....I don't know how to post a proper link to it. It just shows up as a URL and not the pic of the stats. :messenger_anxious:
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Rag is my top played and I’m not anywhere near finished at 15 hours.
I finished both Miles and Ratchet and they’re both at 14 hours.


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Steam Deck and Switch ate into my gaming diet big time this year. Pretty sure I put in around three times as many hours on my PlayStation(s) last year.


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I don't really trust the hours played, since it's usually completely wrong when looking at the playtime on my PS5, but my most played games are likely correct:

  1. Elden Ring
  2. Returnal
  3. God of War Ragnarök
  4. Yakuza Zero
  5. Guardians of the Galaxy


Would have been nice if this was for all platforms. I do not own a PlayStation 5 anymore.

my Steam says I logged 160 hours on COD., so there is that lol.



Get your results here:


via PS Blog:

2022 Wrap-Up is here — relive your top gaming moments of the year starting today​

2022 Wrap-Up is here — relive your top gaming moments of the year starting today

2022 brought us plenty of new adventures, lands to explore, and friends and foes to meet. Whether you spent the most time exploring the nine realms with Kratos and Atreus or navigating a unique dystopian world as a stray cat, relive these gaming moments and celebrate your year with PlayStation’s 2022 Wrap-Up.
Starting today through January 13, 2023, PS4 and PS5 console users* can access and share their 2022 Wrap-Up highlights, including number of earned trophies, number of games played, total hours played across PS4 and PS5 games, and number of PlayStation Plus monthly games downloaded if they are a PlayStation Plus member. Stats will continue to update through the end of 2022, so be sure to check back in the new year.
You can also view the monumental stats achieved collectively by the global PlayStation community in 2022, including the number of Thunderjaws felled in Horizon Forbidden West, total miles driven in Gran Turismo 7, and the total number of axes thrown in God of War Ragnarök.
At the end of the 2022 Wrap-Up experience, you’ll receive a Summary Card that you can share and compare with other players – my 2022 highlights are below. As you can see, I took up temporary residence swinging mammoth swords in the
Lands Between of Elden Ring for a big chunk of 2022 (and loved every minute of it). What was your most played game?

PS5 and PS4 console users* who click through all of the 2022 Wrap-Up sections can also receive a voucher code to redeem one of six Astro Bot avatars that reflects their PlayStation gaming achievements this year. Each avatar voucher code can be redeemed by other players within their region, meaning users can share the code with friends and keep an eye out for the different avatar codes that are available to redeem.
For more details, visit the 2022 Wrap-Up page here.
Feel free to share your most-played game in 2022 or any other fun stats in the comments below.


Because its free marketing for the holidays
I guess? But it makes it a little silly then to label it 2022 wrap up.

And the technical glitches on this are fucking ridiculous. How are we in year 4 of this and people are still having a hard time loading this. It's the same issues they have every time they roll this out

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Only 86 hours total spent on PS5 this year, with the top game being The Last of Us Part II at 31 hours. I'm only 8 hours into Ragnarok, and have Callisto Protocol waiting after that on PS5.

By far my most hours spent in gaming for 2022 has been on Steam Deck, but I also played a lot on XSX and Switch as well.

Interesting note: My first trophy ever was "Hero of Lave" for Super Stardust HD on 7/3/2008!


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Thought it'd be Elden Ring for my most played of the year. But nope; Nioh2 on PS5 took another 422 hours lol.
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