Your most anticipated Xbox exclusive

Which one is your most hyped game ?

  • Senua's Saga: Hellblade 2

  • Halo Infinite

  • Everwild

  • Avowed

  • Fable

  • Bright Memory Infinite

  • Scorn

  • The Ascent

  • Forza Motorsport

  • State of Decay 3

  • Perfect Dark

  • Starfield

  • The Elder Scrolls VI

  • Next Doom

  • Gears of War 6

  • Forza Horizon 5

  • Next Compulsion Games

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I was like damn theres nothing here but Avowed.
But I totally missed Elder Scrolls and Starfield. That Elder Scrolls is way to big to fail. And the only game that can sway people into Xbox by itself.

When you see the games laid our like that, Bethesda saved Xbox. If Microsoft has the balls to make the games exclusive, Consoles will have equal sales.



Also looking forward to Halo Infinite, Hellblade 2, Perfect Dark, Avowed, Starfield, State of Decay 3, Bright Memory Infinite, The Ascent, The Elder Scrolls VI and Gears 6. Super hyped for Xbox this generation as they will easily surpass their entire history in regards to exclusives, at least for me anyway.


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I really want to see Starfield and what Bethesda has in store for us. After that I really want to see State of Decay 3. The first two games in that series were/are janky messes but damn do I love them!


Some really tough choices. I love Forza, Halo, and ES6 is sure to please. Went with Perfect Dark though since I really want that game to succeed. So many memories as a kid with it. I have a feeling it'll be some woke piece of trash but I still have hope.


X box studios most anticipated game is the rightful name for the post. They are just a publisher who now have games on multiple platforms namely half of those games will be on Steam if not all of them. I guess it would be SoD3 or Starfield, both hopefully have learned enough in their failures to succeed.


Honestly from that list I went with Halo. I’m not expecting it to be groundbreaking or the most visually impressive from this list, but I think it will be great fun.

I would have probably gone with The Elder Scrolls, but I just got done getting full trophies for Fallout 4 and all 6 of its DLC and I don’t want to touch another Bethesda game for a long time.
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Halo Infinite, definitely.


Dear god. Guys, you need to get over it. You need to let it go. It's not coming to Playstation. Ever. Period. That's it. Microsoft didn't spend billions of dollars to value add to Sony's system. Any moron can see that.
Chill friend, I never owned a PlayStation, and will most likely never will, since I hate their "exclusive" agenda.

I would like Microsoft to be better, more embracing, unlike Sony. In the end all of them are evil companies so whatever XD
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The motorsport series , it's the only reason I am on Xbox and was high disappointed when came to know forza wasn't a launch title this time around


Of the announced stuff probably Hellblade.
I thought the first game was great, and it was basically made on an indie budget. So now with the financial backing of MS the sequel should be great.

Curious about Fable too. Really curious to see what the people at Playground Games will do outside of their comfort zone.

Of the unannounced stuff: Whatever ID does next.
Doom and Doom Eternal were fantastic and ID Tech is an amazing engine.
This choice is harder than naming my kids or when your wife says "you can pick what is for dinner" and then vetoes all your shit. I do not possess enough free time to play all the games I want to. X marks more than one spot.

I know I'll spend the most time with Halo but so interested in The Ascent, Everwild, FH5, PD, DOOM....


Fable for me.

Fable 1, 2 and 3 had amazing ideas, but they were poorly executed.

I can't wait to see if the new Fable will use those ideas in a competent way.

Codes 208

Halo. Craig memes aside I’m super eager to try out the new weapon sandbox and play some BTB with my bros.

not sure why you’re including starfield and TES7, it hasn’t been confirmed those are going to be exclusive regardless of the purchase of Bethesda.
Chill friend, I never owned a PlayStation, and will most likely never will, since I hate their "exclusive" agenda.
I'm very chilled. I'm pointing out, in a relaxed and serene way, that people holding out hope that Microsoft secretly paid to share exclusive content with Sony is delusional, and they could join me in a state of tranquil peace if they just let go of that delusion, and ascended to nirvana.
Forza Motorsport is the game that sold me my first Xbox console. It's been three and a half years since the last Motorsport game and they'll have had more than twice the usual time to make the game. It's also likely to be a GAAS with continuous content updates over multiple years so I'm expecting something special from this one.

I'm also excited for Horizon 5, but not to the same degree. Halo infinite is up there too but after replaying Halo 4 and revisiting Halo 5 I'm not entirely sold on 343 ability to make a compelling campaign. Fingers crossed I suppose.

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Halo is the reason I still play modern games - its really the only single gaming franchise I still truly care about.
Halo multiplayer is the ultimate flexing of videogame skill in my opinion. When you are better in Halo - you WILL beat lesser skilled players, every single time. Halo's gameplay allows for insane outplays. This cannot be said about almost all other FPS, where its see first, kill first.

The Halo story is vast and has depth - the games unfortunately arent always the best showcase for the lore - and thats a shame. The novels are really really good, if youre into that kinda thing.
Even though the series is so old - I still think there is so much potential for it to be even greater, grander. I hope Infinite delivers.

The series has been dormant for far too long - so many E3's passed with no set release date.
Looks like its finally going to make a return - its due.
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....... * S T A R F I E L D * .......

I love space movies and would be awesome if this game allows you to travel to different planets.

Also Elder Scrolls Vl but can only submit 1 vote. BOOO OP!

My Series S waits in anticipation :messenger_beaming:
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It's still Halo for me. I put so many hours into Halo 5 multiplayer, but was bummed they had no co-op campaign. Now they're bringing back the co-op campaign, and my expectations are sky high


Perfect Dark, Elder Scrolls, avowed and Starfield. I’m afraid of Microsoft’s new thought process especially after that outriders fiasco. I can see all of these coming day 1 game pass Xbox and not PC. If they continue this trend there going to lose pc game pass subs.
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