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Your game of the year for 2021?





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It has been a really amazing year for me, more specifically the 2nd half, I cannot recall when was the last time I played so many games that fit my taste so damn well, but if I have to pick just one it'll be The Ascent easily, I replayed the game 3 times already not without a reason.

I've had a lot of fun games of this. One of few games I've actually laughed as I've died, seeing the team overwhelmed and spectating the last poor valiant member of the team try to survive against overwhelming odds. Usually right at the end of the level.


nethack is my favorite dark souls clone
I haven't been more engrossed or obsessed with a game than I was this year with Resident Evil Village.

This modern RE formula of adding challenges that equate to currency to buy unlocks for multiple playthroughs gets it's hooks deeply in me. It's precisely why RE3 Remake was my GOTY last year. I think I completed almost every RE8 challenge except for the mercenaries ones (I suck at those modes) and probably have ten full playthroughs of this gem. I played it to death and loved every second of it. In a year where my passion for gaming is seriously waning, it's the only real example I can point to where I was passionately running to the controller with every free minute I had.

I actually went into this season thinking my GOTY would be Metroid Dread - I mean, check out my avatar. And while I devoured my first playthrough, on subsequent playthroughs it became clear that the biggest thing missing from the game was any sense of atmosphere. Areas do very little to distinguish themselves from one another, eventually just devolving into cold, metallic hallways for the majority of the game. Seriously, can you quickly call out which section of the game this is?

It is still among the best controlling 2D action games ever made, great story and fun exploration, but the lack of visual variety kinda dulls any excitement for more playthroughs. Plus, eff those shinespark challenges.
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I am aware it came out last year but it was recently added to Game Pass. One of those games that kept making me go "Shit. I died. One more run. It's 4am? Fuck it. Sleep can wait!". The art, voice acting, game play and that soundtrack is just :messenger_ok:

Leaving her room hurts more than dying and starting from the beginning.
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A bit LTTP and didn't play a lot of games last year cause health issues... but definitely the best game I played this year is TLOU2. It was nearly flawless for me, and left a permanent impression like very few other games in ~25 years of gaming.


The best game this year I played was Disco Elysium.

GOTY for what came out this year goes to resident evil 8.


Of games released in 2021: Record of Lodoss War -Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth- (solid-ass, gorgeous Metroidvania)
Runner-Up: Metroid Dread (a dramatic improvement over Samus Returns from this studio)
Of all the games I played this year: The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure (for the most part, the hype is real - best game in this series for capitalizing on setup, speaking from Sky 1 through CS2)
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Honestly mine is Hell Let Loose followed by Forza Horizon 5

And I mainly judge my GOTY by how much I want to return and keep playing it
Great minds think alike. Reading the OP, and thinking what my GOTY would be. It would have to be those two, in that order as well. I give HLL the nod because it's something entirely new compared to FH5.

The last few weeks, I've been just going back and forth between the two.


Mine is...

Lost Judgement (console exclusive - Xbox 1/s/X and Ps4/5)

During the lockdown this is what kept my sanity and it may not be open world like GTA games but it was open enough for me and has crazy side story missions to keep me entertained. I played the first on XsX just to try something that was not another FPS....and I'm glad that did as I was hooked to it. So I got this at launch on XsX to show my support...loved it! Then something funny happened, a DLC that was supposed to be released a month later got unlocked on XsX by mistake with a patch update...which had the best style in the game....the Boxer style!

With this style the main character feels more realistic & grounded than Virtua Fighter/Tekken style floaty and cheap juggling styles....making this game more like a old school arcade style beat'em up! Loved it soo much that I beat bosses in the game with the hardest difficulty with zero damage, see below.

The game has awesome music....well almost all RGG studio games do, plus SEGA sound team was also behind it. Even the base game has nice fighting styles and this game has to be my favourite action adventure beat'em game in 3D since Yakuza 0 and far superior to Yakuza LAD. I highly recommend it and it's prequel to anyone who digs beat'em ups with with a nice story.


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The game I’ve played the most this year is Ghosts ’n Goblins Resurrection. Spent more than 70 hours on it, far more than any other game. For what it did to a historic IP and for how polished and accomplished it is, I think it should deserve a shot at GOTY, even if it’s obviously the farthest thing from a candidate for every reason one could think of.

I sure enjoyed Metroid Dread, but I can’t say it’s a game that challenged me that much, and it surely didn’t shake me off my comfort zone. It’s a terrifically polished game, but in the end, nothing I haven’t seen before.


My 2021 games.

Loop Hero
Solasta: Crown of the Magistar

So I guess, uh. Solasta wins. Good D&D 5E ruleset game.


I've played pretty much every important game this year and nothing comes to close to what I got out of both Psychonauts 2 and Halo Infinite. Hades as well, but that technically is not a 2021 game. I also adored Forza Horizon 5. GOTG and Death's Door. Actually, a very good year.


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Halo Infinite, and Returnal for me.

Halo even with its issues won me over. Gameplay is fantastic and campaign is fun as fuck. Even with all issues with MP the gameplay keeps me coming back.


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I have three that I am having a hard time saying "that's the one".

Mass Effect Legendary Edition
Ratchet and Clank A Rift Apart
Halo Infinite
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