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Your Favourite Games with Awful Graphics, Sound or Production Values


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This thread will definitely skew to oldies, but here's a few of mine.

I was thinking about excluding pure text based games since those have zero graphics, but who cares. Post what you want.

Wayne Gretzky Hockey 1 and 2 - PC circa 1989-1991
- Real teams and players
- Editable stats. Edit the stats making skaters shooting rating lower, make the goalies 7s, 8s and 9s and 10 min periods and you could have realistic scoring games
- GM disk tracked stats, salary cap etc....
- It's a Bethesda game, so buggy as fuck (gameplay and stats)
- Looked like you were controlling ants
- Sounds on an adlib sound card was some basic buzzers and I think a shitty goal horn

Cartels and Cutthroats - Apple II circa early to mid 80s
- A business game you set prices, buy inventory and the most profit wins
- GDP and economic factors make the games swing high and low
- Even tracked market share
- Factories could flood or burn to the ground
- You can tell it was made in the early 80s, look how high the interest rates are. lol
- CPU were easy to beat, but not playing with your siblings where you'd all be unpredictable
- I didn't appreciate the game as a kid cuz I had no idea what I was doing, but playing it as download in the early 2000s I totally loved it. Probably got to be a bean counter to like it
- The below pics I think are the only graphics in the game as the rest is text and numbers. The 10 second forklift scene was done when the game calculated round results
- Sound was a bunch of beeps

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Body Harvest is one of the ugliest games ever made:

it's bad both technically and artistically.

But it's a great game, with great atmosphere and creepy, melancholic music.

It's also considered as the "grandfather" of GTA 3 (also made by the same devs). It's an open world game and you can drive any vehicle you find.
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Ark survival and it's rubber banding and one of the worst uses of fog I've ever seen in any game.
Love the game to bits but when the fog rolls in I just stay indoors and cook some meat up. Amazed and bewildered they never got around to fixing it.


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Have to say Re-core form last gen, nothing really stood out graphically or gameplay wise but i could stop playing it.there was lots of nothingness in between the gameplay bits but was really fun when it shouldn’t of been 🤷🏻‍♂️
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State of Decay 1+2. Awful graphics, awful perfomance and many bugs. I still enjoyed my >100 hours in those games much more than my ~50 hours in 85+ last gens cinematics.


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Environmental Station Alpha:
Aww I like the way ESA looks, poor ESA :lollipop_sad_relieved:

It probably needs a softer presentation to look a bit more cohesive since their are so little pixels to make up the image, I'd like to see whats its like with some filters over it but I can't find anyone doing that through a quick search just now.

Optimal way to play it without filters is in a tiny window on a giant screen imo, I'm not sure what size 1:1 would be on a 65" display though, probably too small to play properly. 1:1 display on a 100" TV should do it lol.
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bad is a bit subjective. A game could be pretty behind graphicaly or have low production value, but still have beautiful visuals.

Well, i suppose i'd go with EYE divine cybermancy given how janky the game is

Oh, and of course. How could i forget Undertale

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