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Your Favorite Indie Games from 2021/2022


I kinda wanted to focus on 2022 but some games have different release dates depending on the platform so I just extended it to 2021, anyway I don't know if you guys agree but to me 2022 has been a banger year for Indies, I actually had a hard time deciding which games I would mention for this first post so I just went with 2 that I think are not that well known as I didn't want to mention some obvious ones but just as an FYI, yes I loved Tunic and SIFU just like your neighbor and their mother did.


I really, really recommend this SHMUP to fans of Ikaruga or Gradius, it's basically a combination of the mechanics in those games with incredible boss battles and level design on top, it's made by Team Ladybug the devs of Touhou: Luna Nights and Record of Lodoss War: Deedlit in Wonder Labyrinth, Metroidvania lovers should know those 2 games.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising

The prequel to the spiritual succesor of the Suikoden series, I thought it would be boring based on the gameplay trailers but it controls much better than what it looks like and the combat is actually fun, it's kinda comparable to Odin Sphere for anyone that played that game and it left me excited for the main game which I guess was the goal of this game.


I am so sick and tired of early access survival games trying to copy the brilliance of the Forest, luckily ONE game was able to tell a good story (usually in short radio messages or short video slides), a world that is 99% destructible, good progression, good exploration, lot of diverse local actions and nice list of achievements to chase. If the game had better combat and enemy diversity would give it only my 2nd 10/10. As it is solid 9/10 my favorite game last year.


So far...

My Fav action game - if John Wick was in a game

Fav Horror game - love some jump scare + puzzle

Retro - always time for some retro games


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For your acid trips. Very fun to play.

Great RPG + business sim + restaurant sim mix. And amazing OST.

Interesting take on how to design games around destructible enviroments.

Oh, not 2021/2022, but from the same developers of DRAINUS

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How about for Switch? I currently have nothing to play on it, and i'm looking for a good Indie (or under the radar title) adventure/action game with a good story


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Not sure how indie it is (pretty, I think?), but It Takes Two was one of the best co-op experiences I've ever had. Probably THE best.


Not gonna lie I kinda started this thread to see if someone was also having a blast playing Neon White like me.

Totally recommended, the devs nailed the movement and pacing in this game, it's kinda like Indie Mirror's Edge, the story is weird AF though just a heads up.


Omori (might have recency bias)
Deaths Door
Citizen Sleeper
Vampire Survivor

Apologies if some of these were out via Early Access before 2021.


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Released on Epic exclusive deal last year (so no one was playing and the community died)

However has recently been updated and launched on steam resulting in solid player numbers...

Just good solid fun and much more easy to sit down and enjoy than its competitors Mordhau, with its 4 classes (with 3 subclasses for each) it feels almost like a medieval battlefield title.

A majority of maps are huge sprawling multi objective affairs, with the odd intresting (and pretty damn cool) TDM maps thrown into the affair. Each map also has its own "story" so to speak and has a little ingame cutscene followed by a peptalk by a commander similair to Titanfall 1 before the battle kicks off, adding context to why your fighting on this particular field.
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Death's Door > Nobody Saves the World > Tunic > Infernax > Weird West > Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising > Moonglow Bay > Flynn: Son of Crimson > Trek to Yomi

Probably forgetting tons of games that came out in the first half of 2021


Does that tmnt: shredder's revenge count. I really enjoyed the visuals and nostalgia
Death's Door > Nobody Saves the World > Tunic > Infernax > Weird West > Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising > Moonglow Bay > Flynn: Son of Crimson > Trek to Yomi

Probably forgetting tons of games that came out in the first half of 2021
Just bought Death's Door either last night or today, my days are mixing together. I'll try it out once I wake up in a few hours. Plus I'm going to try Y's 1.
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