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You can play all the games you want at 60 FPS on Bravia TV if you want


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Ok...check this out...fuck airlines and shit....
Did you know the earth spins at approx 1000 miles an hour
Just jump up and you'll quickly get to where you need to go as the earth spins below you.
I just discovered this and though i should let the community know.
Fuck the airline conspiracy.
Fuck you, I am pilot
hobby one, can't carry pax, but still


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Thanks, I did this and it changed gaming for me. The graphics are so realistic now, I've gotten gaming and real life confused. I threw a grenade at my neighbors and tried to hug Echo 216 in Halo Infinite. I'm all confused now.


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Ok...check this out...fuck airlines and shit....
Did you know the earth spins at approx 1000 miles an hour
Just jump up and you'll quickly get to where you need to go as the earth spins below you.
I just discovered this and though i should let the community know.
Fuck the airline conspiracy.
Man gonna wear metal shoes with roller skates then put a magnet on a fishing rod. Gonna travel around using that


Stay strong OP, you can use whatever settings you think look best, especially in single player games. It just might not feel as smooth. As others are pointing out why most people who play games don't use those fancy settings.


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If our TVs were powerful enough to do this in real time without noticeable lag
The problematic source of Lag isn't processing overhead (that's actually entirely solveable even on weak hw by not processing in frames, but switching to something more immediate like scanlines), it's in the foundation of the algorithm itself. Interpolation is defined as having at least two data-points(frames) worth of history to interpolate between. Meaning you are automatically, even with infinite processing speed, at least doubling the input lag of the source.
Said AI technique is no exception - although I find it a bit amusing the speaker in the video talks about 'no artifacts' in the slow-motion video and then showing obvious occlusion artifacts right when he says it.

But I digress - if you want to do this without introducing meaningful lag you need to do motion-extrapolation, like that Lucas Arts technique linked earlier in the thread. This is feasible, but it introduces its own sources of artifacts(in addition to artifacts interpolators have) - because now you have an algorithm make up(predict) new data. ML can help with this (it's the same problem set that DLSS and other temporal solutions are solving), and like all these temporal methods, it requires invasive integration (actually more invasive than DLSS), so no free-lunch with TV (or some other device/hw) doing it for all games.

Watch the arms on the astronaut in front. They completely disappear multiple times. Hilarious that the guy making the video chose that moment to say "I would have a hard time telling them apart from the AI generated ones". Maybe the ones where the arms are gone, that would be a good starting point.
Yea I think it's just the fact artifacts are smoothly introduced (there's little of the jarring pop, they sort of fade in and out of existence instead) that misled him to believe it's artifact free, but it has all the major problems of other motion interpolators.
Games doesn't run at 15 FPS. I mean, again has anyone tried to use it with BC games at 30 fps? Because responsiveness is definitely better
Yep. Even do it for 60 fps games because im used to it because I didnt know / noticed the lag. Recently finished halo infinite on heroic. Will be my go to setting for Horizon 2 and Elden Ring too. Ignorance is bliss.
Lol TC has to be Quantum TV
Lol. Quantum has some good points some times (like saying how far Sony has fallen, their motion in 2021 is shit and XR processor is shit) but at others he’s an asylum patient… dude advocates for near 100ms or higher of input lag for games with all those motion artifacts outside game mode!
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20 things GPU manufacturers don't want you to know about when hooking up your microwave to your computer.

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I'm sorry OP. I know you're being serious, I think.


Well, to make this thread somewhat worthwile I recently did actually activate the TruMotion setting on my old LG TV when watching the Horizon FW State of Play just to get a feeling of how it would feel at 60fps and it was pretty cool.

Edit: That’s pretty much the extent of use when it comes to these settings, use in gaming is practically none-existent.
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Man sometimes is really exhausting post in such forum. I mean, as I said if someone doesn't know already, it could give a try and see with his eyes if it's worthy or less. The hell it's the point of post like this.
I can see both sides. For some, the idea that interpolation as a supplement and not a detriment to gaming is a concept so foreign as to deserve derision. OTOH, some of us do enjoy the "soap opera effect" of interpolation, and have kept it on in all supported devices, even while gaming. I played Shadowfall PVP with interpolation on, and just adapted my inputs to manage the lag. If you're not very good at PVP (which most people aren't), then input delays aren't a nuisance. I can't speak for everyone, but the highest-DPI mouse wouldn't help me much, considering the shortfall lies in my aim, and not the method of aiming. It's hard for most people to admit that, but it's definitely the case for me. Increased response won't make a shaky hand less shaky. So I think interpolation can make a lot of games look smoother.

I wouldn't do it for racing games though. That's the only genre where I'm competitive. I'll take the Pepsi Challenge against anyone in a racing game, as I think there's enough time braking and steering a car that sheer reflexes don't matter, and racing acumen takes hold. However, timing your braking and turn-in is one of those things that's millisecond different between good and great, and I don't like compromising in that area. There's a massive difference between racing games on controllers, and racing games on steering wheels in proper rigs. I don't think I'd be willing to tolerate the delays incurred by interpolation in that situation. So I assume there's a wildly varying reaction to your post based on which genres people feel strongly about.
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