Yoko Taro working on new digital-only game with Square Enix as creative director, the game is "difficult to explain" and "will definitely sell well"

Yoko Taro is working on a brand-new title with Square Enix as creative director, company producer Yosuke Saito said during the NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… first official live stream.

While specific details were not announced, it will be a somewhat indie-esque digital-only title. However, a special physical edition might also be released.

According to Yoko Taro, the game is “difficult to explain”—“a somewhat unusual game, I’ve created something mysterious that I have no idea how to explain or sell.” It is an “off-beat game” that Taro personally enjoys and wants people to play, but has no idea how to get them to do so. According to Saito, it feels both “nostalgic and new.” Staff at the company have said “it’ll definitely sell well!”

More information will be announced as it is made available (with monthly updates being a possibility). It was said that the next update could happen within the next few days at the earliest.



interesting. "Selling well" is a relative term anyway. It´s going to depend on the market they want to reach and the budget itself.
interesting. "Selling well" is a relative term anyway. It´s going to depend on the market they want to reach and the budget itself.
I think by that he means, it'll definitely be even more experimental and niche, and will probably not sell well lol. It is digital only. He's probably just mocking his sales numbers in the past.


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Come on SE, Automata sold well enough, didn’t it?

Give Taro a proper console/PC project. I want to see either Drakengard 4 or new IP.


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By Yoko Taro? No thank you.
His style of direction and sensibilities wouldn't suit Vagrant Story at all imo.

Matsuno or bust.
I also myself don't want Taro work on other people's IP, his at its best working on his own series.
The recently-teased digital-only game from Square Enix producer Yosuke Saito and Bukkoro creative director Yoko Taro will be composed by Keiichi Okabe of MONACA, Saito announced during the NieR series Niconico Net Chokaigi 2021 live stream. Okabe is also the music director and arranger.

Okabe has previously worked on the NieR series and Drakengard 3, and is considered an essential element of Yoko Taro’s works.

In addition to Okabe, otther composers from MONACA will also contribute.

Further details were not announced.


For some reason, hearing in advance that something is expected to sell well makes me less hopeful for it.


Nah thats Yusuke Saito I believe, the SQEX producer that always works with Taro. Taro looks a little uglier but nothing crazy or remarkable.

Yoko should be more ballsy like the guy that made Star Ocean/V.Profile who left SE because they stopped him from making an H game :D
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If it's difficult to explain it will definitely NOT sell well. Not that i mind personally except if it's some mobile trash.
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