Yoko Taro comments about his role in Voice of Cards: "I’m usually joking around all the time when I’m writing these, but it’s true. I’m dead serious.


Source: https://blog.playstation.com/2021/09/23/announcing-voice-of-cards-the-isle-dragon-roars/

Hello. I’m Yoko Taro, the producer of Voice of Cards. That’s a lie. Creative director is my real job title. The job of a creative director is to have younger members create lots of different things and then say things like, “that’s pretty good, isn’t it?”, while sitting back on a cushy sofa, but recently, I don’t really get a chance to sit on that sofa. It’s all because of this work. Work is loathsome, work is loathsome, work is loathsome!! The fact that I’m in this situation at all is entirely the fault of Kimihiko Fujisaka, who creates the illustrations for this game.

No, doing things like talking about members of the dev team is so inside-joke-like, which I really hate, but I just can’t go without sharing this one story, so please hear me out. A few summers ago, I visited the home of Fujisaka-san, who lives overseas. The place? Hawaii. Fancy, upscale apartment, wonderful pool, amazing nature… a mansion worthy of being lived in by someone who’s made it in life. No, I’m usually joking around all the time when I’m writing these, but it’s true. I’m dead serious. The lifestyle of a celebrity, enough to dazzle the eye.

Fujisaka-san and I worked together on a project called Drakengard. We were supposed to be kindred spirits aspiring towards the same dreams… and yet, why? Where was it that the disparity between us grew so wide? I ground my teeth in frustration, so much so that I ended up getting two canker sores as a result. Six months after leaving my oral health in shambles, I received an email from Fujisaka-san out of the blue. What was written there was… oh, now that I think of it, I’ve just remembered that I was told, “Please provide a comment in about 500-600 characters,” by Square Enix, who is releasing this game. It seems that once again, I’ve worked too much. Please allow me to tell the rest of this story at a different opportunity, somewhere else. Until we meet again.

This mad lad I swear. He's truly a national treasure. :pie_roffles:

I'm sold.
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