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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 surpasses two million copies sold


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Indeed. I played through the game in early 2018 and loved every second of it. I think it could be favorite JRPG ever, even outclassing Xenoblade 1 and Final Fantasy IX. The success is totally deserved, and I can't wait what Monolith Soft has cooked up next.

Agreed. Been playing JRPGs since the 8-bit era and thought my favorites were set and unlikely to be knocked off the top yet despite an admittedly shaky start XBC2 ended up being one of my favorite ever and among my favorite games as a whole. Absolutely loved the world, the story, the characters and the combat system. Spent over 120 hours in the game and will happily go back and start all over again at some point and with the size of my back catalogue there's very few games of that size that I'll even consider a re-run of.

Don't know what their next game is going to be like but following XBC2 and Torna they've 95% guaranteed my purchase.

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I don't like this game at all.
I had to quit after 15 hours, the characters and dialogue were so bad, and this constant 20-40 minutes cutscenes are insane, I am not playing to watch a mini movie every hour.


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I mean Xenoblade Chrinicles, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Torna are the right choices but...

Xeno Crisis
X-Morph Defense

...are all solid games that deserve more attention so hopefully that tweet will get them a bit more love too
Judging from the gushing praise in the thread I really ought to get this game.

Aaaaand prices are insane already :messenger_expressionless:
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Hi, I currently do have an anime (actually, a manga) avi so please take my words with as much salt as you want.

XC2 is very anime trope-y but it is an amazing game, with a great soundtrack (Mitsuda, of Chrono Trigger/Chross fame, and other talented newcomers), a pretty decent English VO, and a fun and quite unorthodox fighting system.

I have played every game Monolith ever put out and it is one of my favorites.

Also, the female lead is basically a magical girlfriend waifu that walks around in a miniskirt - if that bothers you, I would not recommend it.
I'll probably start with the first then before I give this one a shot like Rean recommends. Waifus aren't a problem. I've got one of mine in my avi.

I just read this series isn't turn based though. I'm somewhat sad about that. Real time combat is what made me leave FF behind.
Are you a fan of the Xeno series? If not go play Xenoblade 1 or better yet watch some raw gameplay walk through on YouTube and form your own opinion.

As a big fan of JRPGs and the Xeno series this was a disappointment.
I've never played the Xeno games, but I'm always up for a solid JRPG. I'm not a HUGE JRPG player but I've played the ones that god big in the west like the Bravely Default games, Persona 5, Chrono Trigger, a bunch of FFs, and a few Fire Emblems. I loved all of the above, so I'm always up to expand this.

I see the first on sale for Switch here and there so I'll probably start there.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 surpasses two million copies sold

Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which originally released in December 2017, is confirmed to have sold over two million copies. It currently sits at a total of 2.05 million units worldwide as of June 2020.

160,000 copies were sold in the last few months. The last official number we had was 1.92 million copies in December 2019.

Earlier this week, Nintendo revealed the latest sales for another Xenoblade Chronicles release. The May-released Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition is currently at 1.40 million copies.

Here’s a chart comparing sales of Xenoblade 2 and Definitive Edition:

You can catch up on all Switch million seller updates shared by Nintendo a few days ago here.

Source: Nintendo Everything
Well, a good score.
But not so much remarkable for an exclusive, I suppose
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