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Xbox Series X DirectML: A Next-Generation Game Changer


May 9, 2020
DLSS and the like are overrated. It's just that there's been a trade off of pushing more post-processing & combining other effects into the TAA chain that led to the heavily downgraded image quality through TAA variants. This is not the future, this is just a temporary compromise. It's not a coincidence that DLSS is always showcased with Control, when Remedy has been the studio with perhaps the worst possible image quality in terms of stability, detail and crispness, ever since Quantum Break. Not to mention, these comparison shots are never done honestly. DLSS now adds its own sharpening which is misleading, not to mention showing pictures with motion blur still enabled for native is just an absolute joke. There's various other ways in which it cheats to sell itself better, like how it changes reflection quality in W:YB when enabled in order to make the performance jump seem even bigger. Tho, ofc, at the end of the day let's say that even if all that weren't true or you were happy with the compromises, you still gotta ask: where's the games? They brag about how easy it is to implement and yet it's MIA. So, if it's so good then why isn't everyone rushing to add it to theirs? And if the games don't use it, what's the point anyway?


I'm not interested in how far ppl can push 540p. I look forward to the real future:

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Apr 25, 2013
How did the thread about Microsoft's fancy upscaling,, turn into yet another orgastic thread about NV's fancy upscaling with the demo of what it does to a game that looks like 2007?

Example available used to show what is it about
how i am not surprised you are pissed because it's from nvidia :D
maybe someday AMD will push again something ahead of competition
until then reading adv tech thread prepare for your butt-hurt to continue.


Aug 18, 2014
I'm a 4k fetishist and oh boy after experiencing DLSS in Control I know it is the future and a huge deal for next gen.

People who shit on DLSS need to shut the fuck up and try it for themselves first.

Seriously, DLSS is bordeline miracle wizardry lol. Epic thread where someone argued, how can non-native res look better than native....

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