Xbox Series X CPU Performance May Be on Par With Ryzen 5 1600/1600 AF, Analysis Suggests


I’m pretty sure multithreading does
Not double performance. But I might be wrong.

I'm more than certain devs will be able to put those threads into a really good use - CoD:MW even on PC already does perform pretty much exactly the same on 4C/8T as on 8C/8T CPU, so on consoles things can get only so much better.

the current ones have 8 threads.
so 16 threads would be a 2x increase.

but I think the theoretical performance numbers is what Microsoft means when they say 4x as powerful.

Well, given Ryzen (1) has more or less 50% more IPC than Bulldozer, which again has 50% more IPC than Jaguar, we are already talking about ~2x more processing power (if not more) just from the architecture change. Then we have the clocks, that are not revealed yet, but anything above 3GHz is pretty much a given, so we have about 2x increase here as well compared to 1,6-1,8GHz of the Jaguar. So twice the IPC and twice the clocks = 4x more processing power.

Now, if there will indeed be 16 threads, then we have another 2x multiplier added to the mix. And looking at how Spencer's "2x more GPU power" translated into just raw 2x TFlops, without even taking into consideration any RDNA(2) performance advancements, I think it's safe to say that by 4x he meant just core vs core performance, without taking anything else into the equation.


Damn, 1600 AF is only $85 too, best budget CPU on the market. It's essentially a Zen+ 2600, rebadged as 1000 series.

Zen2 APU only has half the cache of desktop brethren and rumored console clockspeed is in the 3.2-3.5 range, that combination could lead to Zen+ like performance.
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Ultra settings, 60 fps is always the talk at the start of every generation. They have no commitment to this and never do, it will soon devolve into the usual scenario of 30fps medium-high settings


as graphics scale up performance will come down. it's the same old story all over again. not that I'm really complaining, I'll sacrifice what I have to for those sweet garphics :lollipop_astonished:


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I haven't followed amd cpus in the last years, Is it a good news?

Edit: oh it's a bullshit article, never mind.
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Who's the pathetic loser that GAF Gold'd this dumb fucking useless piece of shit thread?

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Who's the pathetic loser that GAF Gold'd this dumb fucking useless piece of shit thread?

I just wanna know.

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