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Xbox Series X Boot Time Will Be Reduced By 5 Seconds

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As promised by an Xbox developer recently, Xbox Series X will soon benefit from a faster boot with a new 4-second long start-up animation.

When compared to Xbox One, Xbox Series X is already really fast in booting up the start menu, however, the development team at Xbox is working to make the boot time even shorter, and will be possible thanks to a new start-up animation.

It takes the animation only 4 seconds to play, while the current one doesn’t finish anytime sooner than 9 seconds. So, this clearly means your system is going to boot up 5 seconds faster than before, and that will make Xbox Series X closer to a real lightning-fast boot.

It’s yet to be seen when exactly this new animation will be replacing the current one in Xbox Series X, but it is currently available for Xbox Insider testers, and we do know that it will be launched along with an update in August. So, this probably means that we can get faster boot time as well as Discord Voice Chat with the next Xbox software update.

It’s worth noting that the new boot-up animation will also be available on Xbox Series S. So, you will still benefit from a faster start-up time on your budget gaming console.

Go here: https://www.neogaf.com/threads/new-xbox-series-startup.1639338/
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Awesome, loving it here. Basically as soon as i pickup the controller, i can be in-game in 15 seconds - quick resume is a god send. I just wish they'd allow more games


So quick resume boot is getting faster? It's already very fast. Full shut down boot isn't something I deal with often, only when the rewards app is constantly shitting itself do I feel like I should full shutdown.


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