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Xbox sales

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Jul 3, 2020
So I just realised something:

The original Xbox sold about 24M units

The 360 did about 80M

The Xbox One about 50M, apparently.

We often compare Nintendo sales, you know, gradually declining home console sales, with the Wii being the odd one out, but when we look at Xbox, they also have a funny patterns of sales

The Xbox and GC were in the same ballpark, but it was a great debut for Xbox given the competiton

Xbox 360 was outstanding, even if the competition did better numbers.

Xbox one was a bit of a letdown, worse numbers that 360, but much better than WiiU?

When you look at the numbers in context, both Xbox and Nintendo tend to fluctuate, rather than always going up or down. Sony seems to be the more predictable of the three?
Not open for further replies.