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Xbox head would ‘be surprised’ if it doesn’t buy a studio in India, South America or Africa


Mar 12, 2016
Xbox chief Phil Spencer has said he expects to see the company acquiring a developer from India, Africa or South America in the future.

The regions are not traditionally associated with big-budget games, but Spencer told The Guardian that it’s only a matter of time before Xbox purchases studios in those areas.

“It would actually surprise me if that doesn’t happen,” Spencer replied.

“Just knowing the talent that’s available, and the tools [such as game engines Unity and Unreal] that are so much more accessible, I would be surprised if in the next 3-5 years you don’t see numerous studios in places that aren’t the traditional hubs of video game development.”

Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty agreed with Spencer’s reply. “There should be a several-hundred-person studio [in one of these territories],” he added.

“And not for outsourcing or support, but a team building whatever the version of the best blockbuster game may be for that market. That is very much the vision.”