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News Clickbait Xbox Game Studios - If you’re looking for “organic growth”

Oct 11, 2007
Sounds like something a chick with a ton of surgeries would say trying to keep up with the ones that worked for it.
Aug 11, 2016
How did this derail so fast

First you set the trap 🪤 : Positive XBOX thread

Next you wait 3 seconds : That's all you need. Blood is in the water.

Then you just let the "XBOX is shit / Sony is better" comments pour over your cold heart like nice warm sun rays on a cold winter day.

Finale: Create one of two threads in response;
1 - A thread mocking the original snidely
2 - A UK physical sales chart thread
Players choice

Rest easy. Your work for the day is done.
Apr 22, 2021
Zenimax online hiring so much shows they are probably working on something huge. Idk if it would be a fallout mmo because of the negativity surrounding 76 but a console focused MMO would be great to have. With gamepass thats 30 million users off rip. Bethesda softworks hiring more is a good sign too. I can see them working on multiple games at a time so we dont only get 2 games a decade. And obsidian beefing up for avowed is superb too. I know most people don't care for this info but being an xbox fan coming out of the Xbox one era this is comforting to hear. Bring the RPGS.