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Xbox Game Pass Reportedly Has Over 15 Million Players On PC


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You said you don't have a Playstation. That's what gets peoples back up around here. You'll learn soon enough how things work on here: Don't say anything negative about Sony/Playstation. That way you won't get laughed at or banned.

So how does it install the games?

I don't trust Microsoft because anytime I've tried installing games from them on my PC (that wasn't through Steam) my SSD gets fucked and I need to delete everything off it for it to work again.
I get what you mean, yeah that's a problem for game pass games, they seem to think everyone is going to install apps on their main drive and it will be wiped once they reinstall Windows, without accounting for those installing have in external drives, so when you reinstall Windows and the new user has no rights over previous user files, you can't touch them until you wipe the whole disk.

It's shit and had too preemptive solutions: Uninstall everything before reinstalling windows or use a drive or partition only for game pass in case you still have to wipe it.

BTW OT: Honestly seeing someone on PC not on Game pass within my circles seems weird, whenever something is releasing it is there and someone wants to play it is like "Oh it's on game pass", assuming we're just all subscribed to it lol


Why would someone pay for both separately when Game Pass Ultimate is cheaper?
I didn't say they paid, I just said I wonder if they count a console user and PC user as separate entries if one user uses both. Do they dock a ultimate user as +1 for console and +1 PC?

I personally have ultimate.
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15 million ppl that saw no need for an Xbox and wanted to play MS games. Good for them


What does it matter what device gamers play on? Just give me more games made and more people to play with.
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I'm not familiar with the issue of it screwing up people's computers. Is that recent?

No, at least not in general. Some years ago I experienced that my computer refused to boot when I replaced a non-boot drive with UWP games registered in the OS, it could be really bad back then. Spent two days to fix it. But those issues are pretty much gone now. As you probably know there's even some Steam-like flexibility in the way you manage games in the app. It just works, mostly. The only annoying thing I've had happening to me recently is when the app updates with dependencies to an OS security update. Some games could refuse to start until the update pulls through (MS sends out Windows OS updates in batches), so that can be an annoying wait (you can still fix it manually if you know what you're doing though..).
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