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News Xbox Boss Praises PS5’s DualSense, Says Companies Should Learn From Each Other (Hendrick's, GET ITT!!!™)


Apr 20, 2019
Is there a point you're trying to make, or do you just have difficulties dealing with opinions that differ from your own?
Why should I waste my time making rounds on informed opinions when you posted shit like that?
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Apr 7, 2006
Microsoft executive Phil Spencer has said that he “applauds” Sony for how it has revamped its controller for the PlayStation 5, and said that the games industry needs to push innovation where possible.

In an interview with The Verge, Spencer added that companies should learn from each other, similar to how Sony and Microsoft attempted Move and Kinect, respectively, following Nintendo Wii’s success.

XboxGAF looking at the mirror right now like:

Well as I've said before, expect a XBOX haptic controller for the Series XX, just as you have a share button, audio jack etc...It's Science.....They will follow the leader......