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Xbox backward compatible games program ends today. No more games.


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Went out with a bang, not like when they ended OG Xbox back compat on the Xbox 360 and there was mostly just a bunch of crap left that just worked for the final batch. Barbies Horse Adventure I'm looking at you.


Licensing for these is a bitch I bet. Still thankful they at least bothered to give us BC games.
Yeah, too many companies don't want to give up future remaster potential i bet. See Dead Space for example. I'ts almost a miracle that they convinced Rockstar to let them do Red Dead Redemption.


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“While we continue to stay focused on preserving and enhancing the art form of games, we have reached the limit of our ability to bring new games to the catalog from the past due to licensing, legal and technical constraints,”​

What about Quake 2 & 4?
They own the licensing on those. Oh well, I'm happy for what we got.
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The first game is on PC. So no real need to emulate (unless the port sucked).

But us the rpcs3 emulation for Condemned 2 really that good?
There are some minor graphical glitches but generally it runs reall well. The Xenia version is basically flawless. Unlocked framerate is the biggest difference maker, the melee combat feels so much better!
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They got in aprox 20% of all xbox 360 games and 5% of all xbox games for a grand total of almost 700 games.

That's more than anyone else has done, outside of bundling the old hardware with the new like nintendo and sony used to do.

Sony and Nintendo should take note then and change for the better. Back Compat alone makes me wish I had an Xbox console.
as far as back compat is concerned, even though I do not have one, I would put it in order like:



I gladly would have gotten JSRF with just in-house music from Hideki Naganuma.
While there are so much I wish they would be able to convert... but I thank MS for trying. It would be awesome, if they could somehow continue on...
Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean The Last Hope, Enchanted Arms.

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Couldn't they do a function update where all discs from Xbox and the 360 could be read and played? So long as they don't put those games up for sale, that takes care of the licensing right?
Isn't this how Analogue operates? They offer a way to play your Nintendo, Super NES, Genesis libraries, no licensing.
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It would of been fantastic to get every game but obviously that was never going to happen.
Cant argue against what they have done with BC though, no one else is close.


To be fair, it was a good and pretty big batch from what I've seen. They've done more for BC than their rivals combined so it's hard to blame them for not doing even more, as nice as that would be.
I am happy they added more games. it’s not that big and it’s not that great. Ps2 and the (launch) PS3 did backwards compatibility better in terms of number of games. I won’t bust out the numbers again, but the number of supported games from either Xbox OG or 360 is paltry at best.


Man, I really liked Blue Dragon, Infinite Undiscovery, and Star Ocean.
Do they have Phantasy Star Universe, all the Fables, Kotor 1 and 2, Jade Empire, and other elder scrolls games? I love the original Xbox and the 360, but the 360 was my last one and I don't have any Xbox consoles any more, so I don't know what the newer ones have.

All of those but Phantasy Star Universe is back compat. Phantasy Star Online 2 New Genesis is the big new recent MMO on Xbox & Steam.

Big title Tales of Vesperia isn't back compat, but that got a remastered new release. The biggest games that are missing that I can think of are Eternal Sonata, and Resonance of Fate, which did get an HD remaster on other platforms.

OG Xbox niche game Phantom Dust was reverse engineered and brought to Xbox One & PC as a brand new remaster too.
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Still missing:
Eternal Sonata
Alpha Protocol
Star Trek Legacy
Old Forza & PGR games (I guess license issues with the cars, music, ...)
Risen 3

What I also miss are more 4k patches. E.g. GTA IV still looks nice, but could really need a higher resolution. There are so many gems that just look awful on big screens. They were produced for <32" screens and now with much bigger screens, the pixels are just to big. But as it seems they still want to bring such stuff. That is great.
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I own an SXS, I'm not shitting on it.. but people were getting serious mileage out of saying xbox's back compat was revolutionary... I have to say, those early boasters have egg on their faces

Naked Lunch

There was quite a few games knocked off my wish list with today's releases (Otogis, DOAs, Gun Valk, Binary Domain, Revolver).
Im appreciative of what we got.

Still missing just a handful - but its why im hanging on to my 360 and OG Xbox consoles.
Heres my list of whats missing:

Bionic Commando Re-Armed 1
Bionic Commando (3d version)
After Burner Climax
Bangai-O Missile Fury
Rez HD
Armored Core (theres 4 amazing games on 360, none are BC - maybe Namco is doing a remaster package?)
Ace Combat Assault Horizon
Lollipop Chainsaw
Anarchy Reigns
Raiden Fighters Aces
DOA Extreme 2

OG Xbox:
Daisenraiku VII Modern Military Tactics
Fatal Frame 1+2
Jet Set Future
Outrun 2+Coast to Coast
DOA Beach Volleyball
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Heck of a list to go out on. Also I'm glad to hear that they're going to continue with FPS boost and other enhancements on the titles in the library.


I pretty happy what they have done, what they added today is really good. I was hoping for Alpha Protocol even though I tracked down a Steam code and paid extra I would have bought it again for my Xbox library. I might have gave up on Xbox had they not been so good with BC now I have a big enough Library on there from many generations I always will get an Xbox. It is too bad more agreements couldn’t be worked out but I bet it was hard getting what they did so hats off to them.
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