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Wuxia-style pixel art RPG Codename: Wandering Sword announced for PC

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Wuxia-style pixel art RPG Codename: Wandering Sword announced for PC​

From Chinese developer Xiameng Game.

Chinese studio Xiameng Game have announced Codename: Wandering Sword, a wuxia-style pixel art RPG reminiscent of Square Enix‘s “HD-2D” titles. It will launch for PC via Steam with English, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese language support. A release date was not announced.

Here is an overview of the game, via its Steam page:


This is a wuxia-style pixel RPG. You will play as a young man who’s accidentally involved in a feud and gets seriously poisoned. But luckily, the Sect Leader of Wudang comes to your aid and saves you. Since then, you dream to be a great wuxia and enter the Central Plains.

Key Features
  • Open World with a Lively Map – A huge open world, including areas such as the Central Plains, Jiangnan, the Western Regions, Nanjiang, Tianshan Mountain, and more. The player can explore the prosperous towns, secret caves, forts and strongholds, and other unique scenic places.
  • Unique Pixel Style Rendered in Unreal Engine – With Unreal Engine 4, a new pixel style is created in the game: it switches pixel art games to a 3D environment, giving a new blend of retro pixels and 3D reality. The game not only harks back to the pixelated Wuxia games of the MS-DOS era, but also brings us modernized visual effects and a better game experience.
  • Choose the Combat Mode You Like – If you are a fan of strategy games, you can select the traditional turn-based combat mode and outmaneuver your enemies. If you want to take things into your own hands, you can select the real-time combat mode to have an exciting battle and defeat enemies through precise action inputs.
  • Hundreds of Martial Arts Moves and Supporting Meridians – All the powerful abilities and moves are yours to pick. You can equip different types of weapons and join various sects. Learning cultivation methods can earn you Meridian Points, and practicing both internally and externally makes you a true martial arts master.
  • Travel the World and Make Friends – Most NPCs in the game have a friendship system. You can increase a NPC’s affinity towards you by interacting with them via gift giving, sparring, talking, etc. You can also recruit them to your party and travel the world together. NPCs of different sects have different Jianghu abilities. When you have a good relationship with them, they will even give you their weapons and secret manuals to help you dominate the martial arts world and excel in all aspects.
  • Multiple Endings and Freedom of Taking Side Quests – The different choices the player makes in the game lead to different endings. Other than the main story, there are a great number of side quests for the player to explore, with hidden unexpected adventures.
  • Dynamic NPCs – Most NPCs in the game have their own behavioral AI. They will get themselves martial arts manuals and grow their power, weaving their own unique stories.”

Watch the announcement trailer below.

Source: Gematsu


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You can tell its Chinese...

"Unique Pixel Style Rendered in Unreal Engine"


Octopath Traveler used Unreal engine 4... I wonder why it looks so familiar...
Looks cool, surprised at the scale they are trying to achieve with the open-world and dynamic npcs.

Also, wtf, both turn-based and action combat? Seems like a lot of work to balance the game for the two.

Anyway, wishlisted.


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Has a chinese video game ever been released?

I feel like this is a joke but I will point out the obvious, Genshin Impact but outside of the Mobile game sphere there are plenty of internal "big hitters" that have slowly made it west in recent years, mainly on PC due to the limits on consoles in China.

Plenty show up on steam these days, my favorite however is...

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