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Would you prefer a future in which everything works or everything buzzes?

Which do you choose?

  • A world that works

  • A world that buzzes

Results are only viewable after voting.


Oh boy do I hope you read the OP before you tell me my question makes no sense :p

This is a thought exercise, I understand that it's possible we could have the best of both worlds (I doubt it, consoles are pretty awful for the environment, gawd bless 'em) but for the sake of this thread the options are mutually exclusive. Basically, obviously, it's asking if you want to make the life-changing sacrifices to have the 'Works' kinda world or if you wanna keep on barrelling towards a fun, dystopian cyberpunk'y future.

The poll is totally blind, you can't see the results, we won't be able to see your name, you can't change ur vote.

"Works" =

The environment is clean; the world is stable; you are healthy, flexible and light on your feet until you die between the ages of 80 and 110; all the vehicles and machines run on sustainable energy; free medicine is slowly conquering all known diseases; we have tech but it comes secondary to a sustainable, enlightened life

pros: Perfected green tech; enlightened business and food practices, beautiful nature, a healthy life without obesity, a stable climate, no worries about having kids, costs nothing to drive your cars, societies work together effectively to maintian their resources, plastic's gone; the markets are regulated and prices are stable, affordable; the ability to compromise and come to agreements with people who have different beliefs to you.

cons: The organizing structures of the world need to spend a lot of money/resources on green tech, some of which comes from your bank account/resource pool; no mined crypto-currencies; less tasty food; non-badass architecture; no fossil fuels industry jobs; you have to exercise self restraint with what you eat, purchase, own, etc; you'll have to find a type of game that doesn't run on rare earths; you'll have to get vaccinated and wear masks when it's necessary; if you want obnixiously loud cars you need to pay for a speaker to broadcast the noises out of the ass of ur vehicle; you'll have to operate within societal structures more than you might want to in 2021; plastic's gone; you don't make shitloads of money off volatile stocks; you will have to compromise and come to agreements with people who have different beliefs to you.

"Buzzes" =
Gadgets upon gadgets; Cyberpunk style mods; the ultimate smartphone; the nextest gen PlayStation and xBox; constant remote acess to online forums via a display on your google lenses; typing right from your google braaain; flying google cars; mining and laser battles on Facebook Brings You The Meta Moon; google androids to... service you all day erry day.

pros: Ultimate convenience; scientifically perfected food flavours; huge, bladerunner intro'esque cities; lots of rain on neon signs; your apartment is fully of automated systems and an AI to manage it; pandemics affect someone else and you can purchase medicines that fix any sickness via brute force; truly do what you want with guns, drugs, personal decisions; anything else you can think that brings maximum joy to you; you can vote with reckless abandon on whatever you want.

cons: The food is made from nutritious cardboard; the buildings belch columns of fire into the air all the time; never see grass or sun, a tree or two when you walk past an impossibly rich person's bunker-like house; the high tech apartment is a hole in a vertical slum; the nextest gen consoles just distract you from the massive way your options have shrunk; super medicines will cost you an organ or two; die quickly from the epidemic that rips through your 1bn strong neighborhood; odds are 20% of your family has died before they hit the age of 10; items that give you maximum joy come at the cost of hideous waste; your votes mean nothing, you are incapable of knowing what you 'want' because you've been hard wired to consume the latest soundbyte of the politician facebook decided you were interested in when you were 3 years old; maximum life expectancy for the superrich is 55, you're not super rich.
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OP decided to make the topic look like a child typed it out with crayons. It also has the effect of making it harder to read, so I didn't bother.
Ah well, I tried to spoil it and take out some of the colour, not too sure what to do about that anyway


I feel this is a kind of biased proposition.
The cons of the "works" world is basically just that life is less convenient, while the "buzzes" world is a dystopian future where you are poor, unhealthy, and are going to die young.
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The world that works gets my vote.

The world where everything buzzes sounds like an absolute nightmare. Low life expectancy. Brainwashed to lap up every lie dripping from the lips of politicians. Not seeing the natural world (I assume the natural world is dead in this version of Earth/Hell?). Food made from 'nutritious cardboard'..........whoever votes for this world needs help.
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The choice seems obvious to me, the cons in the "Works" scenario are barely cons. Why should I want fuel jobs, cryptocurrencies or plastic, as long as I have a "healthy and sustainable life" ? Why would I care if it's funded by part of my resources since I take benefit from it ? And making compromise and agreements with other people is not a con, it's called social life.
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A thought exercise on NeoGAF...

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Guess I'd go with "works" though both options kinda suck.

Do i still have crossgen games on ps5 in the buzz world?

Ps12 has the hardware to make photo realistic VR games but we don't get any because Sony is still making all first party games compatible with Ps4.
Despite that, cyborg Jim Ryan insists he believes in generations.

Meanwhile Microsoft acquired all air cleaning companies. Breathable air for your house is now included in Gamepass so you are kinda forced to get it anyway.

And Nintendo has just added Gamecube games to their online service. Weirdly, despite the Switch 8 using quantum computing the Gamecube games are still 480p/30fps.

On a more positive note the Ps5/SX upgrade of Cyberpunk is said to be just around the corner
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