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Would you accept an AI generated game?

Would you want AI generated entertainment to take over in the future?

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Reverse groomer.
The year is 2039. AI has come so far that Craiyon now supports video game functionality. Type a prompt into the search bar, 1 hour later out pops a zip file with a fully realized video game, with production values that rival AAA games, and the game was similar to what your prompt requested.

It's a bit silly, but at this point AI seems to be advancing so rapidly that it can literally win an art contest. AI is capable of generating crazy impressive artwork with a prompt and a couple of minutes. The efficiency here is insane, and as a kid i never even would have DREAMED of something like this happening, where we can just get fast, quick AI content in a second. You can create an entire universe, an entire story, and all you need to do is type in a prompt. That being said....

Personally, I think AI generated art is an oxymoron. The beauty that comes from Art is the fact it is made by humans. There's supposed to be imperfections, there's supposed to be errors, it's a HUMAN expressing themselves through the form of drawing, music, show, or interactive entertainment. To express, you need to think. To think, you need to feel. What the fuck do machines feel? Plus, it's far more fulfilling and fun to create something yourself than to have someone else do it for you. It's a journey of creativity, self-improvement, and perseverance, and the reward is the ability to create anything you want.... and bragging rights. I also don't trust AI to create EXACTLY what I want, unless I write a 150 page long book with every single nook and cranny I'd like in my entertainment/music/game/whatever. And if I'm gonna go through that effort... why not just make it myself???
that's just me though
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An AI (like those conversaton engines) is made out of experiences of people typing into it and learning right? By that logic, once it gets advanced enough, it should also know how to give the unexpected answer. That means that, eventually, an AI would understand how to give twists you don't see coming, and both complexity or nuance to a given story point.

A legit, near sci-fi level AI would make the best games of all time, and it wouldn't take 5-7 fucking YEARS to do it like some of these devs. Hell ya, I'd take an AI for my games. Give them Silent Hill. Twists, symbolism, depth and all. They're probably the only ones who could meet my expectations at this point tbh.
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That depends, do AI's like virtue signal?

Seriously though I can see AI being very good for localizations and even customizations to fit different demographics. Imagine a big sandbox game where you can switch the city and the ai would localize everything
Plus, it's far more fulfilling and fun to create something yourself than to have someone else do it for you.
You design and develop your own games?

Ironically, by giving the ai a prompt, you're more hands on with the games creation than you probably ever will be otherwise.
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i think AI can help speed up development but i wouldn't want a game 100% made by AI. it would suck because AI just isn't that good yet.
Your described vision is plain horrifying 🥶🥶🥶

facebook terminator GIF by Rafael Rosa
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Don't see why not. If things keep progressing, A.I. are going to develop real consciousness at some point. Who am I to pretend that a manufactured consciousness is any more or less than my own. It's not like mine is this perfect working bit of software. I am a fairly large organism that is driven to the point of profound terror when I am surprised by an eight legged creature no larger than a quarter. My speech functions can crash if I meet someone whose face parts match the golden ratio. My head gets massive uncontrollable pain for literally no reason. Point is. Machines are great. If they want to make games, that's fine by me so long as they don't peddle NFT's.
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Sure, not sure if I’d be willing to pay for it though knowing no one actually worked on the game.


Depends how advanced AI gets.
Right now? Probably not.

10-20+ years from now?
Every game would probably be GODLY.+

Once we hit the singularity, AI could potentially make more 10/10 AAAAA games in 1 year than the top devs could in the last 20 combined.
Development cost and ultimately game prices would drop significantly (probably won't because fuck you, gamers LULZ)
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Actually having seen what AI can do with midjourney, I’d love to see a game developed like this - it could be like the enders game video game in real life, ever evolving, individually tailored and what not
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Been playing with the open source project Stable Diffusion the last few days and it feels like the world has changed and now anyone can create artwork. (try it here.)

It still requires an artist's eye and vocabulary to describe, identify and modify the iterations to get what you want.

Here's a few samples people created this week:

From hand drawings:

Wendy's Logo


More modifying photos of real people:



My roomba gets scared and shuts down because it thinks its fallen off a cliff but its just dark carpet.
Screen name checks out.

Right now game devs can diversify the music and dynamic ambiance so much with ai but just dont do it. I dont have hopes any time soon for art asset creation in 3d space.
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I would certainly play an AI-generated game if it was fun. And the best part of AI game developers, no crunch.


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I went with 'No' on a whim. It's actually a deep philosophical question that requires a lot of thought. A lot more thought than I'm prepared to put in at this time of the morning.


Well i don't think it would be any better or worse than what we (mostly) get now.
Laste 15 Ubisoft gsmes feel like a ai generated copy+paste software.
Eventualy AI could easily make plenty of right now AAA.......and it doesnt need to feel anything to manage it, how many modern games really have soul to it?
Those AIs writing stories after "watching" eg. the Batman series are hilarious.
So the writing might not get better but at least the idiocy we get, isn't directly commited by a human who believes to be a great wordsmith.
Let's go for all of game development.


Of course I will. But I would likely be dead before AI advances far enough to be able to do a good one on demand.


Many games already feel soulless like being made by an AI. No thanks.

Exactly what I was going to say, focus group tested and by the numbers games are already with us.

If you want to feel what a video game created by an ai bot might feel like, go check out the latest usbisoft iteration.
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I would expect that AI would be used to improve NPCs in games.
In most current games the programed by humans AI, is very limited. And frequently, it's just outright dumb.
We need better AI for NPCs, and maybe Machine Learning could be solution to improve things.


I think that neural nets can be a good idea at the concept phase, but without humans transforming the output, you will not get anything worth more than the occasional giggle. There is a problem that always needs to be solved of creative people getting "creative block" or not being able to think outside their own head and challenge their deep assumptions of how things should be. The idea of using things that provide "lol random" inspiration is that it breaks you out of one path of step by step logical thinking and onto a different path.

But a big problem with using neural networks for things like this is that they are high-tech plagiarism engines. They just take things that people have already created, mess them up, mash them together, and produce something not quite right as an end result.

Maybe in the far future some sort of much better AI could just do everything, but it is doubtful if that would happen first, or we all die in a freak global firestorm.
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No. I don't even accept games that feature procedural generation for levels.
I believe this is exactly where AI generated content will shine first. Like speedtree as a tool, AI will fill boring sort of lifeless procedural worlds with that much "random" stuff that it will feel handcrafted, because its imitation of handcrafted will feel handcrafted. Especially details, that fill a scene and would take forever for some human to pu in there, should be easy, easier than finding a gameplay loop, since fun is harder to program than art, which the video with this AI art prize winner shows. The Turing Test prediction did not come yet, some 20 years too late, but AI learning-stuff is quite new, while computers are better at stricter rules, eg chess, for a long time now. We will not be able to keep up once machines understand the "rules" they have to follow to impress and entertain people.
An AI isn't going to create innovative gameplay systems. Maybe it can understand the parameters of existing ones, but I don't see how it can do more than rebalance or create new presentations of existing concepts. I'm also not sure that the AI will ever capture the nuance of a human-created work. That said, the major companies like Ubi and EA will make extensive use of AI to simplify the development of their iterative properties for sure but I don't care about their output in the first place

AI will be biggest in mobile games though imo. They clearly can be designed quite simply according to mathematical models and have minimal assets & gameplay systems...

Anyway, my personal theory is that by 2039 this isn't going to be a world you want to live in. I think the only AI I'm going to be concerned about is the one controlling the robot death squad that's after my ass. What type of videogame I'm willing to play would be a secondary concern.
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Maybe it can understand the parameters of existing ones, but I don't see how it can do more than rebalance or create new presentations of existing concepts.
I won't pretend that I understand AI learning at all, but the few videos I watched, the researchers were quite surprised by how far out of the box some AI experiment ended. Iirc eg. breaking gameplay intentions, like we'd expect speedrunners would do.

One AI can create several games, then "focus group" test it with some other AIs, maybe even localize the fun a bit and level the desired wokeness... and humans will then maybe just be used for something like an early screening before declaring Goldstatus. I can totally see this happening. Not tomorrow, but soonish.


Depends on the game. If Google AI generated Mario Maker levels trained on the most highly rated human-made levels, I would definitely buy it. I'm not so sure about other genres like RPGs judging by the conversations I read from that supposedly sentient Google AI bot.
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