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World of Tanks 2 Could Be Under Development

Don Carlo

Free-To-Play games are gradually gaining acceptance in the modern-day and will likely rank among the greatest ways to introduce a game in 2022. Many game developers choose this model, where a battle pass frequently monetizes the free-to-play game.

But back then, World of Tanks by Wargaming offered free-to-play content and the studio received success with this approach. It appears that Wargaming has not yet changed its strategies as they are now developing another AAA Free-to-Play game that might be a new world of tank title.

Wargaming back in 2015 released the most recent version of World of Tanks, which attracted a lot of hype and a sizable player base. The game continues to have a sizable player base of around 160 million.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Wargaming might be attempting to create a new World of Tanks title, given how well received the series has been by the public.

WarGaming AAA Unannounced Game

Wargaming posted the Job Listing for the Senior Game Designer and Product Marketing Manager position, which gives us some crucial information about the upcoming title as it states that it will be a AAA Free-to-Play game aimed at the Western Audience.

WarGaming AAA Unannounced Game

Moreover, we can see that the next upcoming title by Wargaming will feature PVP engagement, as stated.

In addition, in the same job listing for Senior Game Designer, Wargaming states that they are looking for someone with experience with successful releases for western audiences. So, they are looking for someone with a good knowledge of the European and North American media landscape.

WarGaming AAA Unannounced Game

Last but not least, the upcoming title would be available on multiple platforms as Wargaming hints they are looking for a product marketing manager with strong knowledge of advertising on various platforms.

We do hope that we get to see another world of tank title in action but take this news with a grain of salt.
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