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|OT| WOLCEN - Lords of Mayhem |OT| Diablo Who


Sep 9, 2018
There were 10k online earlier. I know the devs put up posts on steam about there being not much updates coming because of Corona. I'm wondering if they have added controller support yet, it was on the road map.
Mar 6, 2016
Anyone interested in this game? it is something I want to buy and play from the start in co-op. I do love diablo like games, just I don't find them as fun in solo.

Anyone willing to start fresh?


Oct 30, 2009
Anyone still playing? I’m wondering how the last couple weeks of patching has gone, I’ve gotten sidetracked
Dude, I wish this was the case, as I am really longing for aRPG hack and slash.....and last league of PoE wasn't my favorite..
I have played Wolcen 120h in total and I can say that I had my fair share of experiences over these hours. In general this is strange due to the fact that I have played >2500h of Diablo 3 and > 1000h of PoE....so, even though I am working and do have responsibilities that need attention, I can put in this ammount of time into a game if I want to over a period of time, but this just hasn't happened in Wolcen for me. They created so many dead-ends for me over the couple of months/years. Many of which were bound to bad release timing vs. technical stability of their product, changes in abilities and mindset or even just Bleeding Edge....it has been an interesting ride...but the game is heavily lacking on many levels and I am really curious to see if they will be able to fix it at any point in the future.

The best thing about the game to me was that it was an actually well done Story for a low-profile Studio like Wolcen Studio is. This is rather to be expected from someone like Blizzard to be honest. You could see them trying to do something great, but it turned to be lukewarm too many times..
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