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Wo Long Demo Live Now (Xbox & Playstation)


Controls are a lot different to what I expected, I really like them :)

A - jump
X - normal attack
Y - heavy attack
B - dodge/deflect
lb - block
RB+b or y - mystical skill attacks
RT+ a/b/x/y - different spells

I was kinda expecting the dark souls control scheme like the FF origins game used (I have never played Ni oh, so this just could be similar controls to ni oh for all I know)

That is the FF origins Type B config


Crashes every time I take 3 steps, lol. WTF. Looks cool though and the combat system seems to be really fleshed out from what the turotial gives away. Souls bros might be in for a good time.
Looks like garbage as expected. Jesus christ someone give them a team of talented artists, hell, give them someone with average skills, The Aliasing, the poor textures, everything looks like a game straight out of PS3 era. Gameplay seems fine but it's just Nioh 2 animations with spells. Even the beast summons are in the game. Ugh... I'll buy when its on PC and cheap.


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They make better Souls games than From honestly.
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Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Is the demo just straight up broken for others on xbox ?

Tutorial works fine but as soon as I start the demo part, it crashes to dash. Tried a few times, restarted, cold restart etc.


Not feeling it. The controls feels weird to me, having parry on the same button as dodge fucks me up and the healing is so clunky.
Healing is my main complaint so far. It's not queing input so your character should be in complete idle for it to work, absolutely broken. I hope it's just demo. And yeah parryind and blocking on different buttons also very strange decision.
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Just beated it...the beginning was a nightmare, I died literally against every enemy...then I started guarding and I was invincible.

Final boss of the demo was pretty easy, definitely easier than the "mid-boss", but that too became easier once I realized I could jump on his face and avoid all his attacks...rarely used the weapon arts, but magic was kinda useful, despite some having incredible low damage and duration.

Overall I liked it, it's still not on my priority games to buy but I'm glad I tried it, I'll keep an eye on it.
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Liked it!
Definitely a few rough edges (still in heavy development), and some poorly explained mechanics, but I can definitely see this becomming a worthy successor to the Nioh franchise.


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Wait the SX version is 120FPS in Resolution mode or Performance
It's most likely just that you have set the 120hz mode for everything, then even 30 FPS games are running like this (as in refresh rate for TV, not the framerate of the game). Helps with input lag.


I'm on the fence on it so far. It's a essentially a Chinese-based Nioh that's roughly based off of The Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It's always so nice to see the Chinese weapons, styles and mythology at play. That's not to say it's bad. Actually, it's not bad. Blocking attacks will result in you losing HP, so really you need to learn the parrying timing of your enemies through trial and error. It is very stylish for sure. Yet, something about the game feels....off? I can't quite describe it. I'll give it some more play time this weekend.
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I tried the demo on PS5 and it's Nioh 3 🤡

Is it because Sony owns the IP and they couldn't use the name like Demon's Souls/Dark Souls 🤔

Rise of the Ronin better not be the same formula.
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ok, the demo does not support VRR at 60hz on Xbox, only at 120hz.

also the game has some stutters that don't get cleaned up by VRR when using high resolution mode.

this is of course an early version of the game, but I hope feedback like this will actually reach the devs


it plays nothing like nioh

The graphics and animations are similar, but the gameplay is quite different.

For anyone having issues on Xbox, just close the game and do a full shutdown on the console.

Quick resume and the rest mode are making the game crash.
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Most fun I've had with a game outside of Elden Ring all year.

Going to play the fuck out if this until it disappears and then fingers crossed they don't fuck anything up between now and the release.

One thing they need to fix is when going for a killing blow near a ledge your character can fall off during the aftermath but apart from that didn't come across anything that's of concern. It's bloody brilliant.

And no, this isn't Nioh 3. There are some similarities but mechanically it's very very different.
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WOW nice! I'm on vacation till the end of next week so hope it's there to stay! Will be checking the thread for impressions, last gameplay clips on gamespot looked awesome!


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Just add it to your account from your phone?

Edit: wait, is this a timed demo that can't be accessed after that date? Bummer if so.
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It’s running well but I think it needs more artistlic polish, and less icons (haven’t checked if you can deactivate all that), at least up til the dragon I think it needs better enemy variety too, and bigger difference on loot.


VRR on Xbox SX only works at 120hz
VRR works normally on PS5 (60hz since you can't force 120hz of course)

the game has stutters in resolution mode and framerate mode. but they aren't as noticeable in framerate mode.

Ni-Oh also had issues with weird camera motion in its 30fps mode. I think Team Ninja's engine has badly implemented motion interpolation for its camera object.

both modes are locked at 60fps, but resolution mode drops into the low 50s and high 40s on both consoles.
these drops also come with said camera motion stutters.


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Really enjoying this so far. Very cool, its got its own quirks coming off of Nioh and Stranger of Paradise. More its own thing, I appreciate the style and art. I think the graphics are pretty well done, and would chug on last gen. I dig the different approach to stances and moves. Very well done and I feel like a badass with all the moves, counters and magic. A lot of potential strategies, and multiplayer could be neat as well.
Love it. This game is sick. Day 1 on Xbox. Buy. No gamepass. Good games deserve to be bought. Also it looks better than I was expecting. Was expecting it to be low res like Stranger in Paradise.
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I think it's really good, I am at the boss second phase where it's kicking my ass :messenger_tears_of_joy: (the first phase is relatively easy once you learn when to parry with circle).
It's basically Nioh in China with a different combat system that is more stylish and faster.
There are some rough edges like some frame rate drops, the camera is not good unless you lock on the enemies, healing system is broken, it takes too much time and sometimes it seems it doesn't buffer the command at all.
Learning to parry/dodge is essential, blocking is on a different button so you can't just block and if you're lucky it's a parry, it takes some practise.
Graphics are ok, it's the Nioh engine, I guess the location chosen for the demo doesn't do it a lot of justice.
I like it, it's promising! Let's see how much they can improve it.
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Just finished it.

Really liked it. The combat took a bit to click, specially regarding how to defend, but once it did I really liked it. (didn't realize you could still deflect while guarding until like midway through)

I like the system with the guage at the bottom, it encourages you to use your spells and abilities often but not to spam them.

The visuals are dated but at this point it's expected from them. Though I wish there was an option to disable the darkened edges on the screen.

Also I swear the button to use the healing item is bugged. Had to press it like 5 times for my character to react.

This was miles better than the Valkyrie demo from yesterday.

Can’t find this anywhere on the PS store..has it been removed?

Find the regular page for Wo Long. Press on the buttons that's three dots and select "demo"
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Really fun so far! My only gripe is that the controls feel a bit wonky and take some time to get adjusted too. I keep pressing R1 to do a light attack and then sit there like an idiot HURRR DURR and getting hit because I keep forgetting this is not Elden Ring... Does anyone know if the game has the function to change controls or mapping or has a more of a traditional "Dark Souls" control scheme preset?
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