Why Won't Companies Make it Clear Their Games are Roguelikes in Marketing?


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honestly the very first announcment and showing of DEATHLOOP showed us it wasa rougelike. I mean the whole LOOP thing.
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One $70 game, another $60. Both Roguelikes.

We know Sony understood that they messed up by not making it clear that Returnal was a Roguelike in the marketing via a survey they sent out, but what about Bethesda?

Deathloop releases tomorrow and we're just now learning from reviews that the game is a Roguelike. Hell one review says it takes more than an hour of gameplay to get any powers, which you can then lose by resetting the game.

Why are companies afraid to make this clear before release? Do they want to wow the casuals with flashy trailers and trick them into paying $70/$60 for a Roguelike?

Were studios blinded by the success of indie Roguelikes in the previous gen to the point of hubris that they thought they could get away with AAA pricing for one?
What? Both games were repeatedly marketed as rougelikes. Both have names that indicate you will be in a loop or returning. The very first trailer for Returnal shows her dying, and waking up after the same crash animation. Deathloop's 29 trailers on PS State of Plays all talked about being stuck in death loops and redoing the levels over and over again. They were very clear about both games.
After spending time with the game, I now understand why they didn't come out and say Deathloop is a rougelike.

It's because, Deathloop is NOT a rougelike. It's not a rougelite, either, or really very close either.
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The Internet exists. If you are still relying on a company marketing to you as your primary means of discovery and info, it's really on you.
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